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The “An­ti­co Pi­gno­lo” Re­stau­rant ope­ned in 1930. Its si­te, ho­we­ver, ac­tual­ly dates back to 1200 when it was used as a black­smi­th's for­ge whi­ch loo­ked af­ter the Do­ge's hor­ses. Boa­sting an ele­gant am­bien­ce and im­pec­ca­ble ser­vi­ce, this ‘ico­nic Ve­ne­tian ta­vern' is ow­ned and run by Eli­gio Pa­ties with par­ti­cu­lar at­ten­tion to ty­pi­cal Ve­ne­tian and international cui­si­ne. Hi­ghlights in­clu­de tan­ta­li­zing meat and fi­sh spe­cial­ties and www.xx­x­x­ a well-stoc­ked wine cel­lar.

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