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Ca' Pe­sa­ro-International Gal­le­ry of Mo­dern Art Hosts im­por­tant 19th and 20th cen­tu­ry col­lec­tions of pain­tings and sculp­tu­res, in­clu­ding ma­ster­pie­ces by Klimt and Cha­gall as well as no­tewor­thy oeu­vres by the li­kes of Kan­din­sky, Klee, Ma­tis­se and Moo­re. Other hi­ghlights in­clu­de a ri­ch se­lec­tion of works by Ita­lian ar­tists and an im­por­tant se­lec­tion of gra­phics. Clo­sed on Mon, 25 De­cem­ber and 1 Ja­nua­ry. Full pri­ce tic­ket €10. www. ca­pe­sa­­sit­mu­ San­ta Cro­ce 2076. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (San Stae stop). Map E3 Ca' Rez­zo­ni­co-Museum of Eighteen­th Cen­tu­ry Ve­ne­tian Art The lar­ge stair­ca­se of this ma­gni­fi­cent palazzo leads to se­ve­ral ele­gant rooms hou­sing pain­tings, sculp­tu­res and 18th cen­tu­ry fur­ni­shings (fir­st floor): the ‘Por­te­go dei di­pin­ti' fea­tu­ring can­va­ses by Ca­na­let­to, a room de­di­ca­ted to Lon­ghi and the fre­scoes pain­ted by Gian­do­me­ni­co Tie­po­lo de­ta­ched from the walls of Vil­la Zia­ni­go (se­cond floor); the rooms of the Far­ma­cia Ai do San Mar­chi and the ex­qui­si­te

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