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Bo­sco­lo Ve­ne­zia Ele­gan­ce, sty­le and de­si­gn blend to crea­te a re­ge­ne­ra­ting oa­sis, the ideal pla­ce for a one-of-akind pam­pe­ring ex­pe­rien­ce of­fe­ring a ri­ch pro­gram of wellness and bo­dy treat­men­ts. c/o Bo­sco­lo Ve­ne­zia. Can­na­re­gio, 3500 (Fon­da­men­ta Ma­don­na dell'Or­to - Cal­le Lar­ga Pia­ve). T: 041 2208111. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 4.1 and 5.1 (Sant'Al­vi­se stop). Map E2

San Cle­men­te Pa­la­ce Kem­pin­ski He­re you can ex­pe­rien­ce the Herb Mas­sa­ge The­ra­py ser­vi­ce, a new ap­proa­ch to hea­ling: an in­ti­ma­te and authentic jour­ney ba­sed on the re­sto­ra­ti­ve po­wers of herb plan­ts and the sen­suous scen­ts of Ve­ni­ce. The San Cle­men­te Pa­la­ce Kem­pin­ski of­fers a va­rie­ty of mas­sa­ges - re­la­xing, Swe­di­sh and deep tis­sue com­bi­ning es­sen­tial oils of la­ven­der, ro­se­ma­ry and sa­ge. Teas and cof­fee ma­de with Ve­ne­tian herbs and spi­ces are com­pli­men­ta­ry. c/o San Cle­men­te Pa­la­ce Kem­pin­ski. www.kem­pin­ski.com. Iso­la di San Cle­men­te, 1. T: 041 4750111. Ho­tel's com­pli­men­ta­ry boat from piaz­za San Mar­co. Off Map

JW Mar­riott Ve­ni­ce Hou­sed in a sim­ple and ele­gant buil­ding, the Spa – the lar­ge­st in Ve­ni­ce with its 1,750 m² – opens li­ke a shell on­to the wa­ter and has eight treat­ment ca­bins with a view of the la­goon and a mar­vel­lous sui­te. c/o JW Mar­riott Ve­ni­ce. www.jw­ve­ni­ce.com. Iso­la del­le Ro­se, La­gu­na di San Mar­co. T: 041 8521300. Pri­va­te boat from piaz­za San Mar­co c/o mo­let­to JW Mar­riott eve­ry 30 mi­nu­tes. Off Map

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