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Take ad­van­ta­ge of your stay in Venice to en­joy this sea­son's la­te­st of­fe­rings.

This mon­th, spen­ding a lit­tle ti­me in search of a new ac­ces­so­ry, a jewel or a spe­cial gift, be­co­mes even mo­re plea­su­ra­ble. Take ad­van­ta­ge of a stroll through the pic­tu­re­sque ‘cal­li' of Venice to treat your­self to so­me al­lu­ring de­tail of style. Whe­re® gua­ran­tees that you won't lea­ve emp­ty-han­ded!

ARNOLDO & BATTOIS In­spi­red by hau­te cou­tu­re wor­king tech­ni­ques, the brand's ele­gant col­lec­tions, fea­tu­ring bo­th clo­thing and ac­ces­so­ries, are ma­de and de­ve­lo­ped in Venice. The de­si­gners' ico­nic ‘Ele­fan­te' bag ma­kes a spla­sh wi­th its whim­si­cal, un­de­nia­bly chic sha­pe.­nol­doe­bat­


The new Ve­ni­ni Fall/Win­ter 2017/18 col­lec­tion ex­pres­ses all the po­wer of the co­lours of na­tu­re. Fea­tu­ring full, roun­ded sha­pes, the ‘Gu­sci' va­ses pic­tu­red here are blo­wn and han­d­craf­ted using the ‘Mur­ri­ne' tech­ni­que to form a shi­ny co­ral­co­lou­red ou­ter shell.­ni­

BORSALINO A ma­ster­pie­ce of Ma­de in Ita­ly, the brand's sty­li­sh ‘Au­drey' hat co­mes wi­th a 8.5cm brim.

The hat is craf­ted in vel­vet-ef­fect felt, ob­tai­ned from a mix­tu­re of rab­bit fi­bres. A de­tail of style: the hat fea­tu­res a gro­sgrain twi­sted hat­band em­bos­sed wi­th the gol­den Borsalino lo­go.


The Mu­ra­no Ex­clu­si­ve Col­lec­tion com­bi­nes the hi­ghe­st ol­fac­to­ry aspi­ra­tions wi­th the sty­li­stic ele­gan­ce of blue and gold co­lou­red glass bot­tles. The ‘Li­ber­ty' Eau de Par­fum Con­cen­trée is a mystical and fa­sci­na­ting fra­gran­ce. www.the­mer­chan­to­f­ve­ni­


A sil­ver th­read twi­sted on itself co­n­ju­res up the ae­sthe­tics of nau­ti­cal ro­pes, evo­king ma­scu­li­ne streng­th. The re­sult is the ‘Mr. Twi­st' col­lec­tion whe­re rings, cross nec­kla­ces, bra­ce­le­ts and key rings be­co­me di­stinc­ti­ve ele­men­ts of the ma­le per­so­na­li­ty. www.sal­vi­

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