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Ca' Ma­ca­na

One of the ol­de­st and fi­ne­st ma­sk ma­king work­shops in Venice for Car­ni­val, thea­tre, film pro­duc­tion and par­ties. Ca' Ma­ca­na craf­ts authentic hand­ma­de ma­sks in the sa­me way that Ve­ne­tian ar­ti­sans did 800 years ago, ne­ver re­pea­ting a de­co­ra­tion in or­der to en­su­re that ea­ch ma­sk is unique. Thanks to their ex­per­ti­se, they al­so hold con­fe­ren­ces and cour­ses on the hi­sto­ry of Ve­ne­tian ma­sks and tra­di­tio­nal ma­sk-ma­king tech­ni­ques. Their ma­sks we­re fea­tu­red in im­por­tant film pro­duc­tions in­clu­ding “Eyes Wi­de Shut” by Stan­ley Ku­brick and in ope­ras in­clu­ding tho­se sta­ged by the Vien­na Ope­ra Hou­se. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm.­ma­ca­ Ma­sk­ma­king and Cour­ses: Dor­so­du­ro, 3215. Sho­w­rooms: Dor­so­du­ro, 3172 and Dor­so­du­ro 1169. T: 041 2776142. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Ca' Rez­zo­ni­co stop). Map D4

The Mer­chant of Venice

The pre­sti­gious stand-alo­ne bou­ti­que of this brand whi­ch re­pre­sen­ts the ‘Art of Per­fu­me­ry in Venice' is hou­sed in the for­mer, mid-17th cen­tu­ry apo­the­ca­ry of San Fan­tin, lo­ca­ted ju­st steps from La Fenice Ope­ra Hou­se. Its neo-Go­thic dé­cor and or­na­men­ta­tion in wal­nut, wood and ter­ra­cot­ta, re­flect the ty­pi­cal style of an­cient Ve­ne­tian ‘pa­laz­zi'. The Mer­chant of Venice is not on­ly a li­ne of pro­duc­ts but a wi­der pro­ject whi­ch in­clu­des a con­cept sto­re in Mu­ra­no, the Pa­laz­zo Mo­ce­ni­go Mu­seum in San­ta Cro­ce, the Spi­ce shop in Er­co­le d'Oro (Can­na­re­gio) and the World of Venice spa­ce at the Mar­co Po­lo Air­port. www.the­mer­chan­to­f­ve­ni­ Open Tues-Sun 10.30am-7.30pm. San Mar­co, 1895 (Cam­po San Fan­tin). T: 041 2960559. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (San Mar­co-Val­la­res­so stop). Map F4


An ar­ti­stic spa­ce, whe­re you re­di­sco­ver all the ele­gan­ce and so­phi­sti­ca­tion of the ex­qui­si­te crea­tions han­d­craf­ted by Ma­ster glass­ma­kers from Mu­ra­no. A pri­me lo­ca­tion for pas­sio­na­te col­lec­tors, or tho­se who­se want to fur­ther their kno­w­led­ge about an en­ti­re­ly Ita­lian art, Ve­ne­tian glass crea­tions, me­ti­cu­lou­sly han­d­craf­ted by Ma­ster craf­tsmen. Open Mon-Sat 10am-7pm.­ni­ San Mar­co, 314. T: 041 5224045. Other lo­ca­tion: Fon­da­men­ta Ve­trai, 47 (Mu­ra­no). T: 041 2737204. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 2 (Rialto or San Mar­co stops). Map F4

La Bot­te­ga dei Ma­sca­re­ri

The work­shop of the Bol­drin bro­thers spe­cia­li­zes in the craf­ting of a va­rie­ty of pa­pier ma­che Ve­ne­tian ma­sks, in­clu­ding je­sters, el­ves and cha­rac­ters from the ‘Com­me­dia dell'Ar­te' for a trip back in­to 18th cen­tu­ry Venice. The Ma­sca­re­ri ha­ve al­so wor­ked for the thea­tre, the ci­ne­mas and fa­shion sho­ws, and are con­si­de­red among se­ve­ral of the mo­st esta­bli­shed ma­nu­fac­tu­rers of col­lec­tor's items. They we­re the fir­st ma­sk ma­kers to em­bel­li­sh their ma­sks wi­th de­co­ra­tions by Tie­po­lo. Open dai­ly 9am-6pm.­sca­ San Po­lo, 80 (Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2, Rialto stop). T: 041 5223857 and San Po­lo, 2720 T: 041 5242887 (Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2, San To­mà stop). Map E3

Ere­di Jo­von

A ce­le­bra­ted Ve­ne­tian jewe­ler sin­ce 1934, and the ow­ner of one of the few re­mai­ning hi­sto­ri­cal shops on the Rialto brid­ge, Ere­di Jo­von is fa­mous for its hand-car­ved Ita­lian shell and blue aga­te ca­meos, set in sil­ver or gold, and avai­la­ble at fac­to­ry pri­ces or on spe­cial of­fer. The shop is al­so re­no­w­ned for its beau­ti­ful co­ral, Mu­ra­no glass and blac­ka­moor jewel­ry. Hi­gh qua­li­ty, su­pe­rior craf­tsman­ship and its wi­de as­sort­ment of ca­meos and cu­sto­mi­zed co­ral jewel­ry al­low Ere­di Jo­von to sa­ti­sfy the in­di­vi­dual ta­stes of even the mo­st di­scer­ning cu­sto­mers. WHE­RE TIP On re­que­st, Ere­di Jo­von crea­tes cu­sto­mi­zed por­trait ca­meos ba­sed on pho­tos or di­gi­tal fi­les. Thanks to an ef­fi­cient e-com­mer­ce ser­vi­ce, all crea­tions can be or­de­red on­li­ne and ship­ped world­wi­de. Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. www.ere­di­jo­ Pon­te di Rialto, 5325. T: 041 5228979 (Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 or 2, Rialto stop). Map F4


Tuc­ked away un­der an ar­ca­de ju­st steps from the Rialto brid­ge is a ti­ny bou­ti­que wi­th an asto­ni­shing se­lec­tion of hand­ma­de slip­pers, whe­re Ales­san­dra and Re­na­to ma­ke and sell co­lour­ful ‘fur­la­ne' (slip­pers), han­d­craf­ted wi­th re­cy­cled bi­cy­cle-ty­re treads, ideal for fin­ding your foo­ting on a gon­do­la. Their crea­tions are avai­la­ble in co­lou­red vel­vet, bro­ca­de, prin­ted fa­brics or re­cy­cled shir­ting, pro­vi­ded by their cu­sto­mers. Hi­ghly ori­gi­nal and ab­so­lu­te­ly un­mis­sa­ble! Open dai­ly 10am-7.30pm. www.pie­da­ter­ San Po­lo, 60 (Ru­ga Rialto, So­to­por­te­go dei Ore­si). T: 041 5285513. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Rialto Mer­ca­to). Map E3

Tes­si­tu­ra Be­vi­lac­qua

Ar­ti­sa­nal wea­vers spe­cia­li­zing in the pro­duc­tion of ex­qui­si­te, de­co­ra­ti­ve fa­brics for fur­ni­shings and cur­tains. A unique pla­ce! Sin­ce 1875, the com­pa­ny has prac­ti­ced the art of wea­ving on ori­gi­nal looms that on­ce be­lon­ged to the Ve­ne­tian School of

Silk. Open Mon-Fri 9.30am-4pm (Sat-Sun by ap­point­ment). www.lui­gi-be­vi­lac­ San­ta Cro­ce 1320. T: 041 721566. Va­po­ret­to li­ne 1 (Ri­va de Bia­sio stop). Map E5

Light and sty­li­sh, the­se ‘Vic­to­ria' drop ear­rings by POMELLATO ac­cen­tua­te the de­li­ca­cy of ro­se gold wi­th an in­laid flo­ral pat­tern in black, whi­te and red.

Tes­si­tu­ra Be­vi­lac­qua

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