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Re­kin­de the ro­man­ce of train tra­vel through Eu­ro­pe and ta­ke a trip on the Ve­ni­ce-Sim­plon Orient-Ex­pres­st

Re­kind­le the ro­man­ce of train tra­vel through Eu­ro­pe and ta­ke a trip on the Ve­ni­ce Sim­plon-Orient-Ex­press, one of the world's mo­st hi­sto­ric trains. By Romena Brugnerotto

Eve­ry tra­vel­ler, at lea­st on­ce in a li­fe­ti­me, has dreamt of tra­vel­ling on the Orient Ex­press. An icon of art de­co de­si­gn, this train be­gan jour­ney­ing through Eu­ro­pe in 1883. Over the years, dif­fe­rent rou­tes, all de­par­ting from Lon­don, we­re ad­ded. One of the mo­st evo­ca­ti­ve was the Lon­don-Istan­bul rou­te de­scri­bed in Aga­tha Ch­ri­stie's fa­mous book Mur­der on the

Orient Ex­press, mo­st re­cen­tly seen in the fea­tu­re film di­rec­ted by Ken­ne­th Bra­na­gh. It seems that this film has fi­red up the de­si­re of tra­ve­lers to ex­pe­rien­ce this train jour­ney. Ve­ni­ce, in ad­di­tion to Ber­lin, Bu­da­pe­st, Istan­bul, Lon­don, Pa­ris, Pra­gue, Vienna and Verona, is one of the de­sti­na­tions of­fe­red by the Ve­ni­ce Sim­plo­nO­rient-Ex­press, whi­ch is cur­ren­tly ow­ned by Bel­mond. Pas­sen­gers on the Orient Ex­press de­scri­be it as an ex­pe­rien­ce of a li­fe­ti­me thanks to the qua­li­ty of the ser­vi­ce and the food. Guests tra­vel in un­pa­ral­led lu­xu­ry on the jour­ney of their dreams.

The train, wi­th its po­li­shed wood, sump­tuous uphol­ste­ry and an­ti­que fix­tu­res, epi­to­mi­zes the gla­mour and ele­gan­ce of the Gol­den Age of tra­vel. Sin­ce 2018, the com­pa­ny has crea­ted th­ree Grand Sui­tes (see pho­to abo­ve) evo­ca­ti­ve­ly na­med Pa­ris, Istan­bul and Ve­ni­ce to meet the re­qui­re­men­ts of tho­se in sear­ch of the ul­ti­ma­te lu­xu­ry ex­pe­rien­ce. Ea­ch sui­te is dif­fe­rent wi­th in­te­riors in­spi­red by the ci­ties af­ter whi­ch they are na­med, com­bi­ning the ty­pi­cal art de­co sty­le of the train wi­th eve­ry mo­dern com­fort. In ad­di­tion to being spa­cious, the sui­tes of­fer a pri­va­te dining ser­vi­ce bo­th on­board and at de­sti­na­tion. To ma­ke your dream of the ul­ti­ma­te lu­xu­ry ex­pe­rien­ce co­me true, con­tact www.bel­mond.com/trains

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