Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da pre­sen­ts a new ex­hi­bi­tion fo­cu­sing on th­ree ma­jor phi­lo­so­phers of the 20th cen­tu­ry

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This uni­que ex­hi­bi­tion ex­plo­res the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween spa­ce, iso­la­tion and the phi­lo­so­phi­cal thought. It is ho­sted in a pla­ce that, in turn, has been re­born to li­fe as a lo­ca­tion of art. By Amal An­ge­lot­ti

The na­me Pra­da has be­co­me le­gen­da­ry th­rou­ghout the world for cau­sing a re­vo­lu­tion in the fa­shion in­du­stry, and for the pa­st few years, it has al­so been inex­tri­ca­bly lin­ked to ano­ther im­por­tant sphe­re – con­tem­po­ra­ry art. Esta­bli­shed in

1993 by Miuc­cia Pra­da and Pa­tri­zio Ber­tel­li, Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da is an in­sti­tu­tion de­di­ca­ted to con­tem­po­ra­ry art and cul­tu­re. In ad­di­tion to its fir­st ex­hi­bi­tion si­te in Mi­lan, the Foun­da­tion ope­ned its Ve­ne­tian hea­d­quar­ters and ex­hi­bi­tion spa­ce at Ca' Cor­ner del­la Regina, an 18th cen­tu­ry palazzo over­loo­king the Grand Canal. Thanks to its brea­th­ta­king ar­chi­tec­tu­re and sto­ried pa­st, the pa­la­ce has be­co­me a part of the Foun­da­tion, whi­ch is cur­ren­tly wor­king on a me­ti­cu­lous re­sto­ra­tion pro­ject of the buil­ding, di­vi­ded in­to va­rious sta­ges, un­der the au­spi­ces of a Ve­ne­tian bu­reau that pro­tec­ts ar­chi­tec­tu­ral he­ri­ta­ge. It is he­re, amid­st stun­ning sym­me­tri­cal stair­ca­ses, im­po­sing ‘por­te­ghi', de­co­ra­ted wi­th stuc­coes and ex­qui­si­te wal­nut doors, that Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da has pre­sen­ted ‘Ma­chi­nes à pen­ser', the bloc­k­bu­ster ex­hi­bi­tion cu­ra­ted by Die­ter Roel­strae­te, sche­du­led to run un­til 25 No­vem­ber 2018. The ex­hi­bi­tion fo­cu­ses on th­ree ma­jor phi­lo­so­phers of the 20th cen­tu­ry, Ador­no, Hei­deg­ger and Witt­gen­stein, and ex­plo­res the cor­re­la­tion bet­ween con­di­tions of exi­le, esca­pe and re­treat and the phy­si­cal or men­tal pla­ces whi­ch fa­vour re­flec­tion, thought and the in­tel­lec­tual pro­cess. This im­mer­si­ve jour­ney dee­pens our un­der­stan­ding of the­se th­ree phi­lo­so­phers and the re­la­tion­ship bet­ween phi­lo­so­phy, art and ar­chi­tec­tu­re through the works of ar­tists li­ke An­selm Kie­fer, Ale­xan­der Klu­ge, Pa­trick La­key, Go­sh­ka Ma­cu­ga, Mark Man­ders, Iñi­go Man­gla­no-Oval­le, Di­gne Mel­ler-Mar­co­vicz, Je­re­my Mil­lar and ma­ny others.

>> Fon­da­zio­ne Pra­da, Santa Cro­ce, 2215 (Ca' Cor­ner del­la Regina) fon­da­zio­ne­pra­

Miuc­cia Pra­da and Die­ter Roel­strae­te

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