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To ce­le­bra­te the 16th Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le, the Be­ren­go Foun­da­tion of Ve­ni­ce is ho­sting an ex­hi­bi­tion at Palazzo Fran­chet­ti fea­tu­ring the de­si­gn works of Mem­phis, the Ita­lian group foun­ded by Et­to­re Sott­sass that chal­len­ged the mi­ni­ma­li­st fa­shion of the ‘80s wi­th brightly co­lou­red, ico­no­cla­stic de­si­gns in­spi­red by Pop Art. The items de­si­gned by Mem­phis are di­splayed again­st the hi­sto­ri­cal bac­k­drop of Palazzo Fran­chet­ti, in an in­te­re­sting play of contrasts. In ad­di­tion to the ex­hi­bi­tion, vi­si­tors will ha­ve a chan­ce to ad­mi­re the ‘Gil­ded Ca­ge', an in­stal­la­tion by ar­ti­st-ac­ti­vi­st Ai Wei­wei in the cour­tyard of the pa­la­ce. This in­stal­la­tion, for­mer­ly ho­sted in Cen­tral Park, New York, was ori­gi­nal­ly used to hi­ghlight an aware­ness cam­pai­gn on the the­me of the glo­bal re­fu­gee cri­sis.

Mem­phis – Pla­stic Field

Fon­da­zio­ne Be­ren­go – Palazzo Fran­chet­ti San Mar­co, 2847 fon­da­zio­ne­be­ren­go.org

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