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The Bel­gian Pa­vi­lion (1) is ho­sting an am­phi­thea­tre for di­scus­sion about Eu­ro­pean po­li­tics. The round, tie­red sea­ting takes over the in­te­rior of the pa­vi­lion, crea­ting a spa­ce si­mi­lar to the ago­ras of An­cient Gree­ce, co­lou­red in a vi­brant sha­de of blue, mat­ching the sha­de of the Eu­ro­pean Union flag. The cu­ra­tors ex­pect it to be­co­me “a great spa­ce for di­scus­sion, de­ba­te and com­mit­ment”. The aim of the cu­ra­tors of the In­do­ne­sian Pa­vi­lion (2) is to in­vol­ve vi­si­tors in a tac­ti­le experience. ‘Su­nya­ta' is ba­sed on the con­cept of emp­ti­ness. The ti­tle of the Bra­zi­lian Pa­vi­lion (3) is ‘Walls of Air': ten car­to­gra­phic map­pings ba­sed on re­sear­ch de­ve­lo­ped by a team of col­la­bo­ra­tors, con­sul­tan­ts and in­sti­tu­tions, as a way of vi­sua­li­zing the forms of spa­tial and con­cep­tual se­pa­ra­tion that ha­ve re­sul­ted from Bra­zil's ur­ba­ni­za­tion pro­ces­ses. The Swiss Pa­vi­lion (4) is the win­ner of this year's Gol­den Lion: an en­ga­ging ar­chi­tec­tu­ral in­stal­la­tion that ad­dres­ses the key is­sues of shif­ting sca­les in do­me­stic spa­ce.

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