Ve­ne­tian cui­si­ne, tra­di­tion and creativity

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At Bi­strò da Ci­ci, a ve­nue lo­ca­ted amid­st the ‘cal­li’ sur­roun­ding the Peg­gy Gug­ge­n­heim Col­lec­tion and the Basilica del­la Sa­lu­te, the cu­li­na­ry experience of la Se­re­nis­si­ma li­ves on thanks to a me­nu that fo­cu­ses on tra­di­tio­nal di­shes up­gra­ded wi­th a tra­di­tio­nal twi­st, sea­so­nal pro­duc­ts and lo­cal spe­cial­ties. For­mer­ly a mee­ting pla­ce for Ve­ni­ce’s cul­tu­ral eli­te in the ‘60s and a re­fe­ren­ce point for ar­tists col­la­bo­ra­ting wi­th Peg­gy Gug­ge­n­heim, the re­stau­rant’s bri­ga­de is hel­med by chef Ste­fa­no Bi­son, a Ve­ne­tian wi­th a co­smo­po­li­tan cal­ling. Af­ter wor­king at se­ve­ral of Eu­ro­pe’s mo­st pre­sti­gious restaurants, Ste­fa­no de­ci­ded to re­turn to the cui­si­ne (and region) of his ori­gin. “Tra­di­tion is an es­sen­tial part of my phi­lo­so­phy. Our mo­thers and grand­mo­thers al­ways coo­ked tra­di­tio­nal di­shes, using sea­so­nal in­gre­dien­ts. My aim is to do exac­tly the sa­me thing”, ex­plains Bi­son. “I ma­na­ge to com­bi­ne tra­di­tion wi­th in­no­va­tion by using fre­sh, hi­gh-qua­li­ty in­gre­dien­ts. Ra­ther than al­te­ring them, I try to en­han­ce them by using mo­dern cu­li­na­ry tech­ni­ques and tools.”

Bi­strò da Ci­ci

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