Far-right rad­i­cals re­ally don’t care about women

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Dear Edi­tor,

Like clock­work, the far-right rad­i­cals of the Church have sought to turn an­other con­ver­sa­tion about pro­gres­sive law re­form into some­thing which it is not. They have come, guns blaz­ing, to “de­fend the life of the un­born child”. For them, mil­lions of lives are at stake if the laws were to change so as to al­low women to safely ac­cess ser­vices which they are al­ready ac­cess­ing (with no sig­nif­i­cant de­cline in the pop­u­la­tion as a re­sult), of­ten­times in less than op­ti­mal con­di­tions.

The prob­lem is that the ma­jor tenets of their ar­gu­ment ig­nore the re­al­ity of ma­ter­nal mor­tal­ity. We do know that women are dy­ing and suf­fer­ing se­vere harm try­ing to have abor­tions. We do know that the law is not stop­ping women; it is only open­ing them up to harm and ex­ploita­tion from un­reg­u­lated prac­tices.

Rather than car­ing about the preser­va­tion of lives, they are in­ter­ested in dic­tat­ing to women what they can or can­not do with their bod­ies. Re­call that it was not too long ago that these same rad­i­cals fought tooth and nail to pre­vent any real sex ed­u­ca­tion in schools — the very in­for­ma­tion that would help young girls make safer and bet­ter choices, re­duc­ing their like­li­hood of get­ting preg­nant. While they were hound­ing schools, they were rel­a­tively quiet when we are all up in arms about the abuse at the hands of church lead­ers that many young girls faced.

Now they have be­come vo­cal again to tell us that women shouldn’t be able to safely ac­cess ter­mi­na­tion ser­vices, un­der any con­di­tion, even if she is raped by a pas­tor al­most twice her age. They know full well that in do­ing so they are con­demn­ing women to un­safe abor­tion, while con­demn­ing young girls to no ac­cess to the kind of sex ed­u­ca­tion that would help to pre­vent un­wanted preg­nan­cies.

These groups are not in­ter­ested in a healthy so­ci­ety or sav­ing lives. They are in­ter­ested in pre­serv­ing the sta­tus quo, re­gard­less of who that hurts or kills.

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