Should a per­son be bap­tised with­out at­tend­ing new con­vert classes?

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Bless­ings Dear Joan,

My friend and I are hav­ing a ma­jor difference of opinion. She sees noth­ing wrong with a bap­tism ser­vice tak­ing place and some­one de­cid­ing at the spur of the mo­ment that they want to be bap­tised. I, on the other hand, think some­thing is se­ri­ously wrong with that.

How can they be bap­tised when they don’t even know any­thing about the path they are em­bark­ing on? They have not at­tended any new con­vert classes and might not be aware of what it re­ally means to be a Christian be­fore mak­ing that pub­lic dec­la­ra­tion.

If you ask me, I think they do that when they are more in­ter­ested in adding to the mem­ber­ship count than any­thing else.

What do you think? L.J. Dear L.J., It does not ap­pear that you have been busy in your Bi­ble or you would have re­alised that such bap­tisms are re­ferred to as ‘eu­nuch’, which no doubt got its ex­pres­sion from the Ethiopian Eu­nuch who was bap­tised by Phillip.

It does not take new con­vert classes to pre­pare some­one for bap­tism, all it takes is that per­son re­al­is­ing that they have been liv­ing in sin and want to turn from that path. If they ac­knowl­edge their sins and ask God for for­give­ness, then God is faith­ful and do just that.

The thief on the cross was not even bap­tised when Je­sus told him, “To­day you will be with me in par­adise”.

Your com­ment is out of place about the Church car­ing more about mem­ber­ship than souls. You need to be a part of the so­lu­tion in­stead of some­one who stands by and crit­i­cises. That is what is wrong with the Church.



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