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YOU ARE mis­taken if you think mar­ket­ing is not es­sen­tial to tak­ing you to the next level. Maybe you are think­ing that it’s not worth the time, money and ef­fort be­cause no one will want your book any­way. Maybe you’re think­ing that the re­turns wouldn’t be in your favour given the cost to ex­pend, or maybe it would take too long to see the re­turns. Ei­ther way, you are try­ing to con­vince your­self not to do it. the real ques­tion to ask is why did you write the book in the first place and what did you re­ally ex­pect to hap­pen?

It all starts with your ex­pec­ta­tion, or as Si­mon Sinek says in the ti­tle of his book, Start With Why

I have listed be­low with some brief ex­pla­na­tions why you should in­vest in mar­ket­ing. A strate­gic ap­proach to get­ting the word out, build­ing aware­ness and ed­u­cat­ing your mar­ket on why your book would add value to them and their lives. 1. How would your mar­ket know you ex­ist?

I have men­tioned this time and time again. Just be­cause your book is pub­lished and listed on Ama­zon doesn’t mean your au­di­ence knows you are there, un­less of course, you have men­tioned it to the few friends, col­leagues and fam­ily mem­bers or posted it on your Face­book page. Out­side of this close cir­cle, you want to gen­er­ate sales be­cause if you were to wait for your in­ner cir­cle to sup­port you, the moon would turn blue!

Ex­ten­sive mar­ket­ing is nec­es­sary to reach your mar­ket specif­i­cally catered for what you have to of­fer. That would mean mar­ket seg­men­ta­tion and know­ing the so­cio-de­mo­graph­ics of your tar­get mar­ket. 2. How would you at­tract po­ten­tial in­vestors, agents, re­views or even con­tracts?

Let’s say you don’t gen­er­ate sales, boo-hoo. Think of the big­ger pic­ture and long-term re­wards. There is al­ways the pos­si­bil­ity that some­one may come across your book and may want to in­vest in it, or an agent may be in­ter­ested in of­fer­ing you a pub­lish­ing con­tract. A movie deal may even be of­fered to you! You just never know.

I have one client who this is hap­pen­ing to. She has been ap­proached to turn her book into a movie, as well as to do read­ings at book clubs and other events. Re­views are crit­i­cal to get­ting even more sales for your work. When some­one checks out your book and see what oth­ers have said, this bol­sters the con­fi­dence of the buyer. 3. What else can you use as lever­age to build your cred­i­bil­ity and power to ne­go­ti­ate?

So you don’t mar­ket your work at all. You got nada! Noth­ing to work with to even start a dis­cus­sion or lever­age to build cred­i­bil­ity. When I did my first book, I tested the mar­ket­ing and was No. 2 on Ama­zon’s Best­seller List in the cat­e­gory I was in, and I en­tered a book com­pe­ti­tion that al­lowed me to win. Just high­light­ing one of the ways you can also ap­proach your mar­ket­ing that will al­low you to have some­thing to talk about when you’re net­work­ing in your groups or even if your asked to speak at an event. You need to have some­thing in hand to ne­go­ti­ate with should you be ap­proached or the op­por­tu­nity presents it­self. 4. How else can you build re­la­tion­ships with your au­di­ence?

While you may have done your re­search and de­cided on the mar­ket­ing ap­proaches you should use to get the word out, you will soon re­alise that once you im­ple­ment those ap­proaches, you get to learn even more about your au­di­ence. Mar­ket­ing is dy­namic and the en­vi­ron­ment is evolv­ing in just the same way, your tar­get au­di­ence is evolv­ing. So to keep up, you need to stay close to the pulse to know what’s go­ing on where, when and with whom, that is, the in­flu­encers in your mar­ket. These are the trending peo­ple who ev­ery­thing hap­pens around and im­pacts the re­sponses of the rest of your mar­ket. Build­ing re­la­tion­ships can be an ex­cit­ing jour­ney with mar­ket­ing as you see where you were com­pared to where you are now and where you are go­ing and with whom.

Your net­work and in­ner cir­cle will change over time, and you will start to see growth and devel­op­ment not only within your­self but also the busi­ness be­hind your book or ser­vice that you are of­fer­ing. 5. What other ap­proach of­fers a myr­iad of tools that can be cus­tomised to suit your needs?

Mar­ket­ing to­day of­fers you a mul­ti­plic­ity of meth­ods to reach your tar­get au­di­ence; es­pe­cially given the In­ter­net and so­cial me­dia. No longer is there one way to do things. The adage, “there is more than one way to skin a cat” ap­plies here. The cool thing is test­ing new ways can lead to pos­i­tively un­ex­pected re­sults. For­est Gump, said it right,” Life is like a box of choco­lates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

The thing is there are no guar­an­tees with mar­ket­ing, only that you will get some sort of re­sults which you can now work with and tweak to im­prove the re­sults you want to get. Have fun with mar­ket­ing. It’s worth it.

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