Pre­vent­ing pes­ti­cide poi­son­ing in the home

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IN 2015, the Min­istry of Health re­ported that nine per cent of the ac­ci­den­tal poi­son­ing cases were as a re­sult of pes­ti­cides, rank­ing it as the third most com­mon causative agent. Young chil­dren up to five years old are the most com­mon vic­tims of ac­ci­den­tal poi­son­ing, es­pe­cially those two years and younger. This is due to their in­quis­i­tive na­ture which drives them to ex­plore their en­vi­ron­ment. As a re­sult, they may put things in their mouths, un­aware of the con­se­quences.

House­hold pes­ti­cides are usu­ally in the form of in­sec­ti­cides (ants pow­der, cock­roach pow­der, and aerosol sprays), ro­den­ti­cides (rat poi­son/bait) and her­bi­cides (weed­killers). The prop­er­ties that make pes­ti­cides deadly to the tar­geted or­gan­ism can some­times make them poi­sonous to hu­mans. The neg­a­tive ef­fects of pes­ti­cides can in­crease when they are not used or stored as di­rected.

Many pes­ti­cides can cause poi­son­ing af­ter be­ing swal­lowed, in­haled, or ab­sorbed through the skin.

In Ja­maica, the ma­jor cause of ac­ci­den­tal pes­ti­cide poi­son­ing in chil­dren is rat bait, which is usu­ally placed out on the floor for the ro­dent to eat.


There are cer­tain steps that we must also take in an ef­fort to pre­vent pes­ti­cide poi­son­ing in the home. Store pes­ti­cides in their orig­i­nal con­tainer with proper la­bels. Read the en­tire la­bel care­fully and fol­low all the la­bel di­rec­tions. Store pes­ti­cides in a locked cup­board, out of the reach of chil­dren and pets. Keep chil­dren and pets away from ar­eas be­ing treated with pes­ti­cides. En­sure product

IIIII­con­tain­ers are safely out of reach while they are be­ing ap­plied. Never store pes­ti­cides in the same cup­board as food, or in food and drink con­tain­ers. Close pes­ti­cide con­tain­ers and re­turn to stor­age area im­me­di­ately af­ter use to avoid ac­ci­dents. Dis­cuss the dan­gers of pes­ti­cides with chil­dren.

By prac­tis­ing these safety pre­cau­tions, we can pre­vent these poi­son­ings.

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