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YL: You re­cently be­came a brand am­bas­sador for Bigga, and have per­formed at many high schools. What has this jour­ney been like for you?

PP: It’s been sur­pris­ing be­cause when I visit schools out­side of Kingston and St Cather­ine, I’m here think­ing that they prob­a­bly don’t know me or what­ever, but the greet­ing that I get is just amaz­ing. It’s won­der­ful and I ap­pre­ci­ate it.

YL: Be­ing a brand am­bas­sador, do you feel pres­sured to be­have in a spe­cific way? Has it changed/af­fected the con­tent of your videos?

PP: Well, I don’t feel pres­sured. I just have to be care­ful of cer­tain things. It hasn’t changed my con­tent be­cause I try to keep my videos clean so that the en­tire fam­ily can watch them. It has just been more work.

YL: Has all this pop­u­lar­ity af­fected your per­sonal life?

PP: Yes, some places I don’t re­ally go again be­cause I don’t want to be rude or any­thing. Some­times, if I go out and have din­ner, some­body would come up to me and say, ‘Can I get a pic­ture?’ and if I don’t, the girl get vex and seh, ‘Can’t bother with you yuh nuh’. I guess it’s just some­thing I have to work with.

YL: Do you plan to ex­pand your videos from just so­cial me­dia? How do you plan to fur­ther your ca­reer?

PP: Dur­ing the sum­mer, I got a lit­tle role in a movie (Sprinter, star­ring Elli the Viner) and I ac­tu­ally liked it, so I would like to do more movies, and even stuff for lo­cal tele­vi­sion. I’d also like to do [videos for] YouTube.

YL: What ad­vice would you give to teens who are still try­ing to find them­selves?

PP: Just don’t care about what any­body wants to say about you; just be your­self. Don’t let any­one tell you that you can’t do some­thing be­cause you look a cer­tain way or what­ever. Ugly a di new sexy (LOL), so just be you.

YL: Have you ever thought about get­ting for­mal train­ing in act­ing?

PP: Yes, be­fore [this] I wanted to go to Edna [Man­ley Col­lege of Visual and Per­form­ing Arts], but I changed my mind re­ally quick. I’m ac­tu­ally start­ing UWI now. I’ll be study­ing lan­guage and com­mu­ni­ca­tions. I wanted to go to CARI­MAC so I could do film pro­duc­tion, but they said I wasn’t el­i­gi­ble.

YL: Are you dat­ing any­one? PP: Some­times on the week­end, LOL.

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