10 tips for sav­ing time in the kitchen

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IF YOU’RE do­ing more cook­ing at home, make the min­utes count by work­ing smarter in the kitchen. If you feel stressed when you try to pre­pare a meal, hav­ing a bat­tle plan, and some front-line as­sis­tance can mean the dif­fer­ence be­tween a dis­as­ter and a tri­umph. Re­mem­ber, cook­ing can be cre­ative as well as prac­ti­cal ta­lent, and beef­ing up your ap­proach, some­times lit­er­ally, might make your for­ays into the kitchen a lot more en­ter­tain­ing and suc­cess­ful.

In­ject­ing a lit­tle ef­fi­ciency into your kitchen rou­tine will save you time and make you feel more in con­trol of the process. No one starts out as a great cook, and the less time you spend on get­ting or­gan­ised, the more time and en­ergy you’ll have to spare for de­vel­op­ing your own unique cook­ing style. flour, sugar, herbs, spices, grains and oils store well and are used again and again in both sweet and savoury recipes. Keep­ing your fridge stocked with milk, but­ter, ice cubes and other of­ten-used re­frig­er­ated items couldn’t hurt ei­ther. your ef­forts by cook­ing large batches of food and freez­ing what you don’t use right away. An­other ad­van­tage to cook­ing in bulk is that you can elim­i­nate some waste. If you’ve ever let half a head of cel­ery slowly dis­in­te­grate in the veg­etable crisper be­cause you didn’t know what to do

with it, you’ve got the idea. One af­ter­noon or evening is all you need to make enough food for a week’s worth of meals or more. Af­ter that, just de­frost, mi­crowave and eat your cre­ations in peace. de­velop a rhythm. Less fum­bling, back­track­ing and hunt­ing for things means time saved and bet­ter meals.


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