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AS ONE of four great an­cient civ­i­lized na­tions, China is en­dowed with time­honoured his­tory of more than 5,000 years. As is known, the fa­mous Yel­low River and Yangtze River are the place where the Chi­nese na­tion orig­i­nated. It was leg­en­dar­ily told that it was the ear­li­est an­ces­tor named Pangu who cre­ated the uni­verse and Chi­nese na­tion later on. From then on, Chi­nese his­tory be­gins. Ac­tu­ally, recorded Chi­nese his­tory is about 4,000 years, which is started from the Shang Dy­nasty. The long his­tory of China could be gen­er­ally di­vided into three pe­ri­ods: the an­cient times, im­pe­rial times, and modern times.

XIA DY­NASTY (2070 BC-1600 BC)

Xia is the first an­cient dy­nasty in Chi­nese his­tory, which has a his­tory of 500 years, dat­ing from 2,100 BC to 1,600 BC. It was dur­ing the Xia dy­nasty pe­riod that the first cal­en­dar sys­tem was cre­ated.

SHANG DY­NASTY (1600 BC-1029 BC)

It was in Shang dy­nasty that the first Chi­nese char­ac­ter named or­a­cle was cre­ated, which was writ­ten on the bones of an­i­mals.

ZHOU DY­NASTY (1,100 BC-256 BC)

The his­tory of Zhou dy­nasty could be dated back from 1,100 BC to o 256 BC, last­ing about 850 years. In Zhou pe­riod, bronze ware was pro­duced, which was fea­tured in shapes and so­phis­ti­cated in tech­nique.

QIN DY­NASTY (221 BC-206 BC)

In the year of 221 BC, Qing­shi­huang, the first em­peror in Chi­nese his­tory, united China and cre­ated the first united coun­tryQing Dy­nasty. It was in Qing dy­nasty that the world-fa­mous Great Wall was built.

HAN DY­NASTY (206 BC-220 AD)

Founded by Liu bei, Han Dy­nasty en­joys a his­tory of 78 years, from 202 BC to 280 AD. In Han dy­nasty, phi­los­o­phy of Con­fu­cian­ism first be­came the solo thought in Chi­nese his­tory.

SUI DY­NASTY (581 AD-618 AD)

In Sui dy­nasty, China was re­united and the econ­omy was re­cov­ered.

Tang Dy­nasty is the most pros­per­ous pe­riod in Chi­nese his­tory, which en­joys the most ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy. So the his­tory of this pe­riod has a sig­nif­i­cant in­flu­ence to the modern China. It was in Tang Dy­nasty that Bud­dhism be­came the pre­dom­i­nant re­li­gion adopted by the im­pe­rial fam­ily, and civil­ians and the glo­ri­ous Silk Road com­mer­cial route was cre­ated. The Silk Road is the most well-known trad­ing route in an­cient China. The high­lighted places cov­ered in Silk Road in China are Lanzhou, Dun­huang, Urumqi, Tur­pan and Kash­gar.

SONG DY­NASTY (960 AD-1279 AD)

Song dy­nasty could be di­vided into two pe­ri­ods, North­ern Song Dy­nasty (960-1127) and South­ern Song Dy­nasty (1127-1279). Song Dy­nasty was founded in 960 by Zhao Kuangyin and established its cap­i­tal in Kaifeng (orig­i­nally called Bian­jing). Dur­ing Song dy­nasty, the tech­nol­ogy and sci­ence were all highly de­vel­oped, and some tech­nolo­gies were dis­cov­ered thou­sands of years ear­lier than that of other coun­tries in the world.

YUAN DY­NASTY (1279 AD-1368 AD)

Yuan Dy­nasty was found by a Mon­go­lian named Genghis Khan, who re­united China again. Dur­ing his supreme pe­riod, the econ­omy flour­ished.

MING DY­NASTY (1368 AD-1644 AD)

Founded by Zhu Yuanzhang, Ming Dy­nasty en­joys a his­tory of 276 years, from 1368 AD to 1644 AD.

QING DY­NASTY (1644 AD-1911 AD)

Qing is the last Chi­nese dy­nasty in his­tory, which marks the be­gin­ning of modern China. From then on, the modern Chi­nese his­tory be­gins. Established by the Manchu Peo­ple, the Qing Dy­nasty has a his­tory of 268 years, from 1644 AD-1911 AD.


In the year of 1911, Dr Sun Yat-sen led Xin­hai Rev­o­lu­tion and over­threw the last feu­dal dy­nasty in Chi­nese his­tory and established the Repub­lic of China, which marks one of the great­est events in the modern his­tory of China.


In 1949, Mao Ze­dong founded the Peo­ple’s Repub­lic of China; a na­tion thriv­ing in as­pects of econ­omy, pol­i­tics and cul­ture. China has be­come one of the most pow­er­ful coun­tries in the world. Repub­lic of China are greatly ap­pre­ci­ated.

The Man­darin lan­guage train­ing pro­gramme for chil­dren and adults at the CBA Cen­tre op­er­ates in part­ner­ship with the Over­seas Chi­nese Af­fairs Of­fice and is fa­cil­i­tated by the Chi­nese Em­bassy in kingston.

As usual, the CBA will com­mem­o­rate China Na­tional Day, and this year it will be even more spe­cial as it is also our 125th an­niver­sary. So to­day Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 1, we will be host­ing a gala din­ner dance with vet­eran mu­si­cal icons – Sonny Wong and Keith Lyn with Sparkles spin­ning the oldies.

On be­half of the CBA, I wish all Chi­nese Na­tion­als in Ja­maica all the best as they cel­e­brate China Na­tional Day. DAMIAN CHIN Pres­i­dent, Chi­nese Benev­o­lent As­so­ci­a­tion


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