No Tat­too pon Teacha

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They come with a vengeance, they can­not see why This tiny coun­try should be pass­ing them by So know you’ll be chal­lenged in a very real way For Be­jing left a mys­tery un­solved to this day. Sasha, tek yu mine off teach­ing Or run yu maths class at yu yawd Cause di Ed­u­ca­tion Min­ista Naw go tek yu awn!

No tat­too pon teacha! Warn di goodly gen­kle­man. Madda Prim she well agree She seh dem a sp­wile up har pro­fes­sion.

All you now, sint­ing mus sting yu Mek yu waak into di place Wid tat­too of a TILIT BOWL In di miggle a yu face!

Is wah yu dida tink Sasha? Yu naw get awf yu ed? Is fash­ion state­ment yu a mek? Or, yu de­cide fi jus rebel?

Yu wake up ina good, good, skin Smood an dawk an pretty. Is not like fi mi, for ex­am­ple, Weh haffi cova, cause it spatty.

But, mi naw tat­too my poor baddy Who doah like it – Tuff titty! If God did want mi dec­o­rated Im woulda neva fraid fi do i’.

Is blas­phemy in­di­rectly! Is like yu bex wid di Almighty Fi mek yu wid­d­out de­face­ment. Im shoulda stawt yu, mek YU fin­ish i’!

Nuh cut yu eye dem afta mi Go cut dem afta Min­ista! Im doan waan no sample teacha In front a di na­tion pick­ney Ma!

Gal­lang! Well, me did do a lucky ting wen mi de­cide fi sing Cause me is walk­ing can­vass Woi! – All mi toe in tat­too ring!

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