The climb to suc­cess

Jamaica Gleaner - - ARTS & EDUCATION - – Suzanne Les­lie-Bai­ley

The bot­tom of my shoe ner­vously touched the first rung of the lad­der With only a soft tap It was not a Chris­tian Louboutin, with its char­ac­ter­is­tic bright red sole But I was no less en­ti­tled to take this climb

The loud click­ing sounds of con­fi­dent and stri­dent steps rang through my ears Draw­ing my at­ten­tion up­wards My eyes flick­ered, fight­ing against the blind­ing glare of the sun Shin­ing ever so brightly Mim­ick­ing the smiles of those pleased as punch to be close to the top

The bright smile of the sun and its swel­ter­ing heat Al­most forced me to re­treat But this climb is mine to take

I took an­other step This time a lit­tle stronger and louder There was a mov­ing puz­zle of faces star­ing down at me Some with hate­ful and en­quir­ing eyes Seem­ingly ask­ing: What are you do­ing here? Seem­ingly say­ing: Your com­plex­ion is not of a light and creamy hue Your hair is not long and flow­ing Where the wind tosses it se­duc­tively, with a tickle against your back You have a wooden spoon in your mouth Not a sil­ver one like ours But this climb is mine to take

Not all eyes were filled with the bub­bling and overflowing vit­riol of hate Some gleamed with care and un­der­stand­ing Softly en­cour­ag­ing me along

There was a maze of hands reach­ing to­ward me I could feel their tug-of-war pulling and push­ing Some try­ing to pull me up Oth­ers try­ing to push me down But this climb is mine to take alone. I searched the pe­riph­eries of in­fin­ity for the other el­e­ment of love. I bowed down be­fore the Most High at the por­tals of heaven, But the for­bid­den love I sought was lo­cated else­where. My per­sis­tence grew and thus I ex­tended my wings and grace­fully flew away.

I en­tered the uni­verse and count­less bil­lions of worlds ap­peared. I mar­velled at the won­ders of the new cre­ation. I stood fear­lessly in the core of the largest sun, And my im­mor­tal heart blazed with the fire of eter­nal pas­sion. The cos­mos ex­panded and aged plan­ets melted down, But my in­de­struc­tible love shone as the glory of a tril­lion stars.

what it was. The dy­namic en­ergy of my love led me to a green sphere, A vast wa­tery ex­panse sur­rounded by dense dark­ness, A unique life form in a galaxy near the cen­tre of the uni­verse. There I came upon the daugh­ter of love, a ter­res­trial be­ing, The most beau­ti­ful crea­ture I have ever seen. At last I have dis­cov­ered the com­ple­ment of love! I went down from the cloud and gazed at her in as­ton­ish­ment, The sight of this gor­geous mor­tal be­ing in­ten­si­fied my love And I knew I could not go back to my lonely ex­is­tence with­out her. at­tempts to con­trol her ended in sur­ren­der. I could not with­stand the su­perla­tive power of her love. Her love was more pow­er­ful than I imag­ined, I did not think there was any love strong enough to cap­ture me.

I could not pos­sess her or even touch her be­cause I was a dis­em­bod­ied spirit, But I saw eter­nity in her fiery eyes. And I told her about the pre­ex­is­tence of my love. She showed me the be­gin­ning of time, an in­de­scrib­able pre­cept, The stage where only the source of en­ergy and power ex­ist, And she spoke highly of the Orig­i­na­tor of her love. Un­leash­ing my full power could not

al­ter the law of love. She was a mor­tal and I was an im­mor­tal, An in­com­pat­i­ble union could not en­sue, And so I be­came mor­tal in or­der that our love could co­ex­ist. Her love and my love com­bined and be­came one su­per­nat­u­ral love, And an in­fin­i­tes­i­mal pres­ence of phys­i­cal life came to be. Our trans­gres­sion would not pass un­no­ticed or go un­pun­ished; The whole cre­ation be­came an­gry at us for vi­o­lat­ing the rule. Con­se­quently, time sep­a­rated us and she died be­cause of her er­ror, But time could not an­ni­hi­late my love. I de­ma­te­ri­alised and re­turned to the pre-ex­is­tence of my love Where I shall re­main in sad­ness for longer than eter­nity.

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