The Pre-ex­is­tence of My Love

Jamaica Gleaner - - ARTS & EDUCATION - – Mar­lon Pit­ter

I pre-ex­isted in an in­cred­i­bly re­mote place out­side the uni­verse, Love was with me, and I was an el­e­ment of love. The heav­enly realm wit­nessed the pre-ex­is­tence of my love. My love lived on in a state of in­er­tia in­def­i­nitely And it was seem­ingly the only one of its kind, But I was de­void of plea­sure and I knew there was some­thing miss­ing. It was not the na­ture of my love to con­tinue An in­tel­li­gent force was com­mu­ni­cat­ing tele­path­i­cally with me; I fol­lowed the faint in­for­ma­tion in my psy­che, The spirit of my love ad­vanced faster than the speed of light. My urge for phys­i­cal love was greater than my de­sire to live for­ever And noth­ing could pre­vent me from pur­su­ing the love I wanted.

I sensed the ex­is­tence of an un­known force in deep space And I was des­tined to find out ex­actly She felt the pres­ence of an ex­trater­res­trial love she thought ex­isted only in fan­tasy, But sur­pris­ingly, she was not afraid. She reached out to me and for the first time I felt pow­er­less. Though I had in­fi­nite love, I was very cau­tious. She be­came ag­gres­sive and her charm emit­ted ther­monu­clear rays. Her love cre­ated a shock wave as many stars ex­plod­ing si­mul­ta­ne­ously. The par­ti­cle of her love pen­e­trated my force field. My

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