Prayer had noth­ing to do with Matthew miss

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THE ED­I­TOR, Sir: OUR NAIVETY in re­spect to cer­tain mat­ters never ceases to amaze me. Now there is talk all over the place that on ac­count of our prayers, Ja­maica was spared of the rav­ages of Hur­ri­cane Matthew.

While those of us who prayed for the hur­ri­cane to miss us are still cel­e­brat­ing the ‘power of God’, I think I have to be the one to burst that prayer bub­ble and an­nounce that prayer had noth­ing to do with Matthew’s path.

Chris­tians are a very in­ter­est­ing lot, you know. If the hur­ri­cane had hit us, we would have heard that their God was pun­ish­ing us for our sins, and since we were spared, it is be­cause He took pity on us. You know, the Chris­tian never loses with his god. Ei­ther way, Matthew’s path was pre­or­dained by the almighty.


Of course, ours is not the only Chris­tian coun­try in the re­gion. The Haitians, Ba­hami­ans and oth­ers in the re­gion that got a good whip­ping from Hur­ri­cane Matthew also prayed their lungs out. How­ever, god did not seem to take any pity on them.

Are our Chris­tians in Ja­maica telling me that their god lis­tened to us, but not these other peo­ple? Are they say­ing that their god thought that we de­served to be saved, but not them?

Also, if prayer worked, as these Chris­tians are now boast­ing, why did the Chris­tian God not lis­ten to us when we were scream­ing our lungs out, rolling in the dirt and jump­ing up and down when we were ‘pun­ished’ dur­ing hur­ri­canes Gil­bert, Ivan, and the oth­ers? If prayers do work, should they not work all the time? Or is it a case that we de­served all of the de­struc­tion that those hur­ri­canes brought on us then?


Leav­ing cli­matic con­di­tions like hur­ri­canes and the like, why is it that the Chris­tian god has not an­swered all the prayers that are be­ing sent to him to bring peace to our crime-torn coun­try from as long as I can re­mem­ber? Is it that, af­ter all of those prayer break­fasts, cru­sades, fast­ings and the cus­tom­ary rolling around in the dirt and the reg­u­lar get­ting into the spirit, the Chris­tian God is some­how con­vinced that we Ja­maicans do, in fact, de­serve to live in a crime-in­fested coun­try?

We need to get ra­tio­nal about these things like hur­ri­canes and crime. Prayer never al­ters any­thing. MICHAEL A. DING­WALL michael_a_d­ing­wall@hot­ Kingston


A boy re­moves mud and water from his house af­ter Hur­ri­cane Matthew flooded it in Les Cayes, Haiti, on Thurs­day.

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