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AN­DRE AND Pa­trica Dixon have been mar­ried for 10 years. Dixon said choos­ing her as his life part­ner was a no-brainer be­cause he spot­ted the qual­i­ties he was look­ing for in a wife very early.

“I knew she was the one for more than one rea­son. I re­mem­ber when I was leav­ing for training school at the Po­lice Academy and I had bor­rowed some money. While there, I was get­ting a stipend, so I put her on my ac­count so she could get money to take care of herself and our son. When I fin­ished training and went home, she gave me back the money I bor­rowed, which she saved from the stipend I was get­ting,” he ex­plained, adding, “I also saw spir­i­tu­al­ity, com­mit­ment, sin­cerely, in­tegrity, and com­mon sense in her.”

An­dré says the love they have for each other and the level of un­der­stand­ing they share is a ma­jor fac­tor that keeps their marriage thriv­ing. He ad­mits that like any other cou­ple, they, too, have con­flicts, but that doesn’t change the things they do for each other.

“She still does her wifely du­ties and I do mine. We have to en­sure we main­tain a sta­ble and loving home for our chil­dren be­cause we have to teach them how to love, and in the home is where that all be­gins,” he told Fam­ily and Re­li­gion.


A lot of cou­ples some­times get dis­tracted with mak­ing ends meet, but the Dixons man­age to keep the bal­ance and en­sure they spend ‘qual­ity time’ with each other.

“Qual­ity time is not the length of time you spend with each other, but what you do with the time that you do spend to­gether,” he said.

“What I love most about my wife is that she al­ways finds a way to fix what went wrong. She re­minds me con­stantly that in a marriage when things are bro­ken, we fix them in­stead of throw­ing them away.

“The Bi­ble says in St Matthew 5:32 that the only way a man can put away his wife is for the cause of for­ni­ca­tion, which means what­ever else hap­pens can be fixed. Re­mem­ber the way you felt about each other when you first met. Re­la­tion­ships need nur­tur­ing, and if you care for it, it will flour­ish for you,” he said.

“As hus­band and wife, if you pray to­gether then you will stay to­gether, and you must al­ways pray for each other.”

He says a crit­i­cal part of pre­serv­ing mar­riages is for each part­ner to ac­cept when he or she is wrong, apol­o­gise, and make up for the wrongs in­stead of giv­ing up on their marriage and opt­ing to go their sep­a­rate ways.

“The Bi­ble says hus­bands should love their wives as Christ loves the Church. Hus­bands, if you love your wives, then show her and make her feel spe­cial. Wives, also sub­mit your­selves to your own hus­band. Both of you should trust God and be­lieve that what God has joined to­gether no man can break it apart,” he con­cluded.

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