Some­body pussy­cat get away ...

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SO, IT’S now pub­lic knowl­edge that Don­ald J. Trump had no prob­lem ut­ter­ing the P-word in an all­male con­ver­sa­tion 10 years ago.

OMG! Women ev­ery­where, but es­pe­cially in Ja­maica, swarmed so­cial me­dia with ex­pres­sions of shock, awe and dis­gust. It’s as if they had fi­nally re­alised, via a decade-old con­ver­sa­tion with pal Billy Bush, that the man they in­sisted from the out­set was a racist misog­y­nist was, in re­al­ity, a RACIST MISOG­Y­NIST!

YES! Surely we can now have him re­moved from the bal­lot be­cause we women can’t trust the Amer­i­can elec­torate to view and as­sess the tape for it­self. TRUMP MUST GO!

Yawn. Look here, ladies, I’ve some bad news for you. That tape, as of­fen­sive as it may seem to you, was not meant for your ears. That con­ver­sa­tion, or worse, takes place daily among all-male friends. Crude ref­er­ences to women are ex­actly what Trump has called them, namely, “locker-room talk”. Ladies, men that YOU KNOW and be­lieve are de­cent, up­stand­ing re­specters of women par­tic­i­pate in these con­ver­sa­tions reg­u­larly.

Some­body (kitty) cat get away and it caus­ing havoc.

Some­body (kitty) cat get away and it run­ning amok.

Some­body (kitty) cat get away and it be­hav­ing bad.

Some­body (kitty) cat get away and it driv­ing dem mad.

In these con­ver­sa­tions, there’s al­ways a Don­ald Trump, who must com­pen­sate for his ‘small hands’ and lack of in­tel­lec­tual or other prow­ess with graphic boast­ing of his real or imag­ined sex­ual con­quests. By and large, the rest of the crew nod sagely, chuckle at ap­pro­pri­ate mo­ments and con­grat­u­late the sto­ry­teller on be­ing ‘The Man’. Not one has the courage of his con­vic­tions to rep­ri­mand the con­ver­sa­tion leader for fear of be­ing la­belled a wet blan­ket. Then they go home and, when their wives com­plain bit­terly about Trump’s use of the Pword, guess what? They nod sagely, feign gag­ging sounds at the ap­pro­pri­ate mo­ments and con­demn Trump for his dis­gust­ing dis­re­spect. Mean­while, the Amer­i­can hus­bands among them are think­ing, ‘I gotta vote for THAT guy!’

When I was younger and used to get out more, I was a mem­ber of a reg­u­lar Fri­day evening all­male con­gre­ga­tion where food, drink and con­ver­sa­tion flowed freely. Some of the tales some of those men (all mar­ried; some now de­ceased) would tell make Trump’s boor­ish boasts sound like gig­gly girl talk.

The worst I’ve heard came from a mar­ried man I’d just met. He re­ported on his re­cent en­counter with a lady (NOT his wife) do­ing a job for him Hur­ri­cane Matthew should’ve done. “Mek I tell you,” he en­thused (toned down for a fam­ily news­pa­per), “is de bes’ mi eva get. Me neva (fin­ish) from dat alone yet, but she nearly cause dat. Af­ter­wards, mi tell her, ‘Honey, yu nearly get di medal!’”

“They want me to hold It down (get di cat)

You must hold it down (get di cat)

Hold it down (Get di cat) ...

At­tack it from fi front!

At­tack it from di back!

(Re­peat four times)”

So, ladies, stop feign­ing cat­a­clysmic shock. De­spite Trump’s de­nials, this is him and it has been him all along.


I’m amused by the flock­ing of Ja­maican women to Twit­ter to con­demn Trump-Bush’s buddy chat. These are the same women I see jump­ing and win­ing ev­ery Easter past my gate to as-bla­tantly-misog­y­nis­tic-ashu­manly-pos­si­ble songs like Kitty Cat by Square One, and which en­cour­ages EX­ACTLY the same ac­tiv­ity Don­ald Trump was rec­om­mend­ing. Go to to see how women of all ages re­act to that song.

Women I for­give, but I’m livid when asshats like Jeb Bush tweet: “As the grand­fa­ther of two pre­cious girls, I find that no apol­ogy can ex­cuse away Don­ald Trump’s rep­re­hen­si­ble com­ments de­grad­ing women.” Se­ri­ously, Jeb? You who stole an elec­tion by rig­ging Florida bal­lots for your brother, who Margie Schoedinger, a 38-year-old black woman, sued in 2002 claim­ing that, dur­ing 2000, ‘W’ was guilty of “race­based ha­rass­ment and in­di­vid­ual sex crimes ... against her and her hus­band”? Less than a year af­ter su­ing, Schoedinger died from what po­lice de­scribed as a self­in­flicted gun­shot wound to the head.

YOU, Jeb? Whose fa­ther once made a joke in Bill Clin­ton’s com­pany call­ing a pro-choice ac­tivist “the ugli­est woman” he’d ever seen; be­haved pa­tro­n­is­ingly dur­ing a de­bate with Geral­dine Fer­raro; and as pres­i­dent, ve­toed the 1990 Civil Rights Act? Where were your pre­cious grand­daugh­ters then.

By the way, girls, don’t think I don’t know the sor­did de­tails of your fe­male-only con­ver­sa­tions about men held wher­ever women gather on a daily ba­sis. I see you!

Peace and love.

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