Does God make peo­ple suf­fer?

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THE EDITOR, Sir: IF A per­son suf­fers, does it mean that God is pun­ish­ing that per­son? What do the Scrip­tures in­di­cate? Job was an out­stand­ingly right­eous man. Job 1:1. Yet Job suf­fered a lot at the hands of the Devil. Job 1:12, 1419; Job 2:7. God did not make Job suf­fer.

Stephen was stoned to death. (Acts 7:58-60) The apos­tle Paul faced many hard­ships, too. (2 Corinthi­ans 11:23-27) Other ser­vants of God faced dif­fi­cul­ties, too, as shown at He­brews 11:3537. Are we to imag­ine that these godly per­sons were pun­ished by God?

Job 34:10 and James 1:13 prove that God does not do what is wicked. He does not bring tri­als or suf­fer­ings on peo­ple. God al­lows peo­ple, in­clud­ing his ser­vants, to go through tri­als/suf­fer­ings but he is NOT the cause of the tri­als. He helps his ser­vants to cope. (2 Corinthi­ans 4:7; Philip­pi­ans 4:13)

Fur­ther­more, Ec­cle­si­astes 9:11 says that “time and chance hap­peneth to them all”. So peo­ple, be­ing at a cer­tain lo­ca­tion at a cer­tain time, may suf­fer be­cause of some disas­ter strik­ing in that lo­ca­tion. God is not re­spon­si­ble for such hap­pen­ings. SIMEON JAMES St David

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