East­ern Europe fan­ning ter­ror­ist mis­sions

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THE WORLD head of the Ah­madiyya Mus­lim has charged that de­spite in­creased do­mes­tic re­stric­tions to counter ter­ror­ism, the world’s most pow­er­ful coun­tries are not do­ing enough to curtail the ex­pan­sion of rad­i­calised groups bent on death and de­struc­tion.

Mirza Mas­roor Ah­mad, the Caliph of the Ah­madiyya com­mu­nity, is most alarmed by what he re­gards as a clear con­flict with some Euro­pean coun­tries de­cry­ing ex­trem­ism, while at the same time pro­vid­ing guns and bul­lets to the per­pe­tra­tors. Mirza Mas­roor Ah­mad

“They are not do­ing enough, they are not se­ri­ous!” he charged.

“If you are se­ri­ous about stop­ping these bru­tal­i­ties and atrocities, then you would have to take ac­tion,” he said, sug­gest­ing that these Euro­pean coun­tries and the United States could take sanc­tions against the breed­ing grounds for ex­trem­ists.

“It is not that you are sit­ting here as a third-world coun­try print­ing notes. The United States is one of the most mod­ern coun­tries in the world and you know your econ­omy, you know the num­ber of dol­lars you print, can’t you cal­cu­late the amount of money go­ing to these groups?” the Caliph asked.


He fur­ther as­serted that ex­trem­ists are get­ting their ar­se­nal ar­ma­ment from east­ern Euro­pean coun­tries and the gov­ern­ments are aware of this.

Ac­cord­ing to Ah­mad, cer­tain Euro­pean gov­ern­ments would also be aware that bil­lions of dol­lars are leav­ing their coun­tries, pass­ing through the United States to Iraq, for ex­trem­ist groups like ISIS to pay for oil from cap­tured wells sup­ply­ing places like Syria and Turkey.

The Caliph said the taint of ter­ror­ism means that his com­mu­nity has to en­ter to fight for peace, as dic­tated by the true Is­lam.

“We have to fight against them, not with sword, not with gun, but with con­tin­u­ous ef­fort, and that is what we have been do­ing all over the world,” Ah­mad said.

The world head of the Ah­madiyya Mus­lim com­mu­nity said he was very aware that in do­ing so, his life is also threat­ened by rad­i­cal groups bent on de­stroy­ing his sect.

“To us, we have a dou­ble threat: liv­ing in this coun­try and be­ing an Ah­madi Mus­lim.”

At the same time, he said his com­mu­nity con­tin­ues to ex­pand, with more than 500,000 new mem­bers this year, push­ing the to­tal mem­ber­ship into tens of mil­lions.

But the per­va­sive­ness of the neg­a­tive per­cep­tion of Mus­lims in gen­eral be­cause of the ac­tions of rad­i­cal groups con­tin­ues to pose a chal­lenge to fur­ther ex­pan­sion.


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