The Creeper

Jamaica Gleaner - - ARTS&EDUCATION - – Hilda Pritchard Ming

She stood trans­fixed! Her thoughts raced back­wards and for­ward! She re­called that de­ci­sive mo­ment My mom never had that prob­lem! No fam­ily mem­ber had it! So she rea­soned and ig­nored the ap­peal. Why should I sub­ject my boo­bies to stress! Two years ago! Two years ago! If only. Yes, she had done self-ex­am­i­na­tions! And, all was per­fect, so she thought. Now there is much stress! The Creeper has found her boo­bies. She was the pioneer in the fam­ily. But there is more! As she sat, she heard gen­tle tones. She heard him faintly. Chemo... Her mind emerged from the stu­por. She grap­pled with the next two months or years So much to do! As she leaves the doc­tor’s of­fice, she re­solved. I will fight! I will shout, I will be­seech, I will cry, I will pray! I am on the cam­paign path! I will be my sis­ters’ keeper! Mam­mo­gram sup­porter I will be!

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