Hear di Chil­dren’s cry

Jamaica Gleaner - - ARTS&EDUCATION - – Shauna-Kay Dou­glas

Ev­ery day di chil­dren dem jus a bawl out, Hear di chil­dren’s cry Blaine a talk bout. Di poor pick­ney dem full up a so much self-doubt An di mo­ment dem try fi talk, yuh tell dem “shut up yuh mout!” Di chil­dren have a right to ex­press An a right to hap­pi­ness. Dem have a right to ed­u­ca­tion fi achieve suc­cess, Mek wi treat dem wid re­speck, dem life wi nuh fi mo­less, Cause a one life dem have, nuh mek dem live it wid re­gret. A full time wi put a stap to chile abuse, Mi tyad every­day fi jus a seet pon di news! A full time dem know a in­no­cent life dem a kill, Wi re­ally need fi jine wid Betty-Ann Blaine inna har priya vigil. As adults wi have a great re­spon­si­bil­ity, Fi pro­teck di chil­dren’s rights is our duty, Wi need fi treat dem wid fair­ness an no par­tial­ity, Cause equal rights an jus­tice a fi ev­ery baddy, From di mada to di fada to di likkle baby!

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