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• Six­teen new­born ba­bies died – VJH re­port.

• Four of five cases of in­fant deaths oc­curred within two days af­ter birth (range seven hours – two days) – Tufton com­mit­tee re­port.

• Find­ings in keep­ing with Group B Strep­to­coc­cus (GBS) – Tufton com­mit­tee re­port.

• Com­mit­tee said GBS trans­mis­sion mode is from mother to in­fant, as op­posed to be­ing from health-care fa­cil­ity as­so­ci­ated in­fec­tion.

• The GBS sta­tus of the mothers de­liv­er­ing at VJH, es­pe­cially mothers with pre­ma­ture labour, those with a his­tory of re­cent vag­i­nal dis­charge at least four weeks prior to de­liv­ery, and those with re­cent his­tory of uri­nary tract in­fec­tion was UN­KNOWN – VJH re­port.

• All cases of early neona­tal deaths list the pri­mary source of trans­mis­sion as from mother to child.

• The mi­crobe can sur­vive out­side the body for up to seven days – VJH re­port

• Over­crowd­ing in both the nurs­ery and on the Labour Ward at VJH – VJH re­port

• Con­cerns raised about the im­pact of re­peated vag­i­nal ex­am­i­na­tions on the risk of trans­mis­sion of GBS in­fec­tion to the new­borns – VJH re­port.

14. Both the VJH and Tufton Com­mit­tee re­ports list iden­ti­cal cases where the in­fec­tions and deaths oc­curred.

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