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THE EDI­TOR, Sir: THERE IS no deny­ing that we have ad­vanced im­mensely as hu­man be­ings. Yet, in terms of our treat­ment to­wards each other, too many of us seem to be wearing back­ward­ness like a sec­ond skin.

We refuse to ac­cept the no­tion of rec­i­proc­ity, which is tan­ta­mount to the Golden Rule. We mis­in­ter­pret, or to­tally ig­nore, the bib­li­cal note: ‘... for what­ever a man sows, that he will also

reap’ – (Gala­tians 6:7). Con­versely, we are quick to be­lieve that at some point in our lives, maybe after our reck­less and friv­o­lous days, we may sim­ply clutch a Bi­ble, get bap­tised and just pray our ills away. Could it be that sim­ple?

This world is in a sad state. Peo­ple are be­ing erad­i­cated like rats! We are struck with con­ster­na­tion after lives are snuffed out by the mind­less ones among us. We ex­pe­ri­ence an­guish and bit­ter­ness, com­pounded by be­fud­dle­ment, par­tic­u­larly when chil­dren are the vic­tims.


If, as stu­dents in this school called ‘Life’, we con­tinue to ig­nore lessons in rec­ti­tude and tol­er­ance, things which are cen­tral to the teach­ings of di­vine en­ti­ties such as Je­sus Christ and Bud­dha, for ex­am­ple, the vi­cious­ness among us will per­sist.

As Ja­maicans, first and fore­most, let’s stop for a mo­ment and vi­su­alise the prover­bial turn­ing of the ta­bles, put­ting the shoe on the other foot, tideh fi mi, to­mor­row fi yu. In essence, think karma.

The one so­lu­tion to karmic debt is LOVE. ‘... You shall love your neigh­bour as your­self ... . ’ (Mark 12:31). Not many peo­ple truly love them­selves. Therein lies the co­nun­drum. Still, it is never too late for any of us to dis­card the cloak of back­ward­ness and open our minds and hearts to love – true en­light­en­ment!


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