Grace, favour and mercy

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WE OF­TEN talk about grace, favour and mercy, but do we re­ally un­der­stand what these words mean? No one can live with­out grace. The ob­sta­cles, chal­lenges and prob­lems we face on a daily ba­sis could not or can­not, be re­solved with­out grace, favour and mercy.

The word, ‘grace’ sim­ply put, means get­ting some­thing we do not de­serve; un­mer­ited favour; mercy and com­pas­sion.

God’s great­est act – grace that has been given or ex­tended to us – is the abil­ity to re­ceive sal­va­tion which is avail­able through faith (Eph­e­sians 2: 8-9).

Grace is what opens doors to us when we are not qual­i­fied and gives us pro­mo­tion we don’t even de­serve. That is why we must be hum­ble on a daily ba­sis and show some­one mercy and com­pas­sion; with­out grace, we would not be in the po­si­tion we are now.

Have you ever been in a se­lec­tion process for a po­si­tion or a com­pe­ti­tion of any kind? In your mind, you didn’t think you would reach very far or had the ta­lent to go through it, or would even get to a cer­tain level; but it was grace that al­lowed you to come out on top, and it even sur­prised you!

Of­ten­times, there are per­sons who are in­volved in ac­ci­dents of one kind or another, and they are the only ones to sur­vive. Some peo­ple will tell them they are lucky, but it is not luck – it is the grace of Je­sus Christ that kept them and has given them another chance. The main rea­son that you are alive now and are able read this very ar­ti­cle is the grace of God!

Favour oc­curs when the re­quire­ments and pro­to­cols are waived for you. For ex­am­ple, Es­ther, Daniel and Joseph all walked in great favour and the kings loved or be­came en­deared to them. When we were go­ing to school, some stu­dents, or maybe you, were called the ‘teacher’s pet’. God gave favour with the teacher. Maybe when ev­ery­body else was fail­ing, you just zoomed right through ev­ery class and exam with fly­ing colours.

Mercy oc­curs when one de­serves pun­ish­ment and God with­holds His hand and, in­stead, ex­tends His love to them. For ex­am­ple, God spar­ing Ja­maica from a Cat­e­gory 5 hur­ri­cane; or in the le­gal cir­cles, God would al­low a mag­is­trate to rule in your favour rather than against you; or in any or­gan­i­sa­tion with which you trans­act busi­ness, even when you are in de­fault, they still ex­tend mercy to you, to set­tle the mat­ter by way of a grace pe­riod.


Quite of­ten, many will see the gifts and tal­ents of oth­ers and shower them with praises and ac­co­lades! Look at peo­ple like Michael Jor­dan, Pa­trick Ewing, Usain Bolt, Bob Mar­ley, Ser­ena Wil­liams and Pres­i­dent Barack Obama. It is God’s grace and His favour.

Know that no leader at any level can truly be suc­cess­ful with­out God’s grace, favour and mercy, and that is what will bring pros­per­ity within a na­tion. Ev­ery leader has to en­sure that God’s grace, favour and mercy never leave them, for when they do, there is sure de­feat.

Suc­cess, growth and great achieve­ment can only come through grace (John 15: 5). This is why we MUST abide in God. Re­gard­less of how suc­cess­ful a per­son is, with­out God’s grace, the qual­i­fi­ca­tions and aca­demic achieve­ments mean noth­ing.


Many times, the suc­cess of an or­gan­i­sa­tion hinges on the pres­ence of a few right­eous peo­ple in the or­gan­i­sa­tion who have grace and favour on their lives! We see it with Ja­cob, where Laban pros­pered sim­ply by hav­ing Ja­cob work­ing for him. Of­ten­times, when these few right­eous leave, the or­gan­i­sa­tion crashes or goes through a slow, painful death. So ex­tend­ing grace to a ser­vant of God can save your life. They are your in­sur­ance, and that is why you must be care­ful in how you treat a ser­vant of God.

Paul re­minds us, in I Corinthi­ans 15: 9-10, that although he is the least of the Apos­tles, it is the grace of God that has al­lowed him to ac­com­plish all the work the Lord al­lowed him to do for Him.

Many times, peo­ple will take on ti­tles and put them­selves in cer­tain po­si­tions, but it is the grace of God that sanc­tions it all. So if God’s grace for the ti­tle or po­si­tion is not with you, then don’t take it on, you would be head­ing for trou­ble.

We are in the new Jewish year of 5777 and God wants to ex­tend grace, favour and mercy, par­tic­u­larly to those who are sick – to heal their bod­ies. You need to be­gin pray­ing for grace, favour and mercy on a daily ba­sis – for your fam­ily, com­mu­nity, na­tion and the na­tion’s lead­ers.


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