Caan tek so­cial me­dia no more

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YOU KNOW when you jump into some­thing be­cause it seemed like ev­ery­one else is do­ing it, only to re­alise it re­ally isn’t for you? At least not right then?

Well, that’s what hap­pened with me and so­cial me­dia.

At first, it was fun! Whole heap a fun! I laughed, I cringed, I cried. There was al­ways some­thing to cap­ture my at­ten­tion, if only for a few min­utes. Ev­ery day, I was look­ing like all those teenagers I had de­spised for years. I had be­come one of those per­sons who walked with their heads down, thumbs twid­dling away at the key­board of the phone. I hated that. So a few months ago, I quit so­cial me­dia, specif­i­cally Face­book, Twit­ter, and Instagram. Yea, man, lef’ dem clean clean.

When I got on to Face­book, it was be­cause so many of my friends from high school were on it. So mi go tek fi mi self and cre­ate ac­count. Pretty soon, I was in­vited/placed into var­i­ous groups with peo­ple who I didn’t re­ally know. Look yah nuh man, my in­box was soon packed with one bag a con­ver­sa­tion about ev­ery­thing!

One prob­lem though. Mi nuh need fi see a com­ment a pop up ev­ery 30 sec­onds! Good grief, man, all some bad hours a night mes­sage a come in like crazy.

Fur­ther­more, peo­ple are al­ways tag­ging you in stuff that you re­ally don’t want to be a part of. And dem can quar­rel wid dem one an­odda! Ugh, it was get­ting an­noy­ing. So that’s why I left. Couldn’t take it no more. It was the so­cial me­dia ac­count I had the long­est of the three, and there was some level of hes­i­ta­tion, but man, I couldn’t do it any­more. So hav­ing dis­carded that one, I de­cided there was no rea­son to stop there. Twit­ter was next to go. It wasn’t bad enuh, es­pe­cially when I tweeted around news time in the evenings. Al­ways got some in­ter­est­ing re­sponses.

But the charm of that faded too. It’s not the num­ber of fol­low­ers (or lack of), I just didn’t like it any­more. So there wasn’t much hes­i­ta­tion to deep-six that one. The re­ally tough one was Instagram. Look yah nuh man, mi try hard fi stay wid it, enuh. But cer­tain cir­cum­stances just killed my vibes. So­cial me­dia is sup­posed to be fun. But bredda, I was not hav­ing any. In fact, Instagram was be­gin­ning to be a royal pain. So me ’low it too. An’ mi jus’ did a get di hang of it too, enuh. Cho, you have to know when you can’t do it no more, yah. Ev­ery man has his lim­i­ta­tions.

So apart from What­sApp (and I’m think­ing of ditch­ing that too) I’m done. I guess I’ll re­turn at some point, when my skin is a lit­tle thicker, my pa­tience a lit­tle longer and my tol­er­ance for fool­ish­ness much higher. Be­lieve it or not, so­cial me­dia does have its uses. But for now, I’m fine in my own pocket of the uni­verse. Lata!


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