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‘Your pri­vate mem­ber is like a pet, and be­cause you love your pet and your pet gives you plea­sure, you tend to give your body parts a spe­cial name. I KNOW what you’re think­ing: this is a spin on teacher’s pet. Well, this is no class­room, but we are giv­ing you a les­son on what takes place in the bed­room, and the nam­ing of body parts.

Re­la­tion­ship Spe­cial­ist and Sex­ol­o­gist Dr Sid­ney McGill ex­plained to Flair that your pri­vate mem­ber is like a pet, and be­cause you love your pet and your pet gives you plea­sure, you tend to give your body parts a spe­cial name.

Why do peo­ple do it, you might ask? Well, it works the way that you want it to work – it de­vel­ops its own per­son­al­ity, so to speak, and be­comes your friend, or in the sense of nam­ing your part­ner’s body parts – your best friends. “Nam­ing your mem­ber shows en­dear­ment be­cause it means you love and value your­self: it’s re­ally a friend­ship thing,” added Dr McGill. “I would en­cour­age it, too, be­cause if peo­ple are go­ing to learn to have good sex, then you should give it a name, so you can feel good about you, your sex and your part­ner,” he added.

With that in mind, we asked a few read­ers what names they give to their pri­vate parts, and why. Here is what they had to say:

I call mine Va­ja­jay. I don’t even know when I started us­ing that name, it must’ve been from one of my favourite re­al­ity shows, but I thought it was cute to say of my cute lit­tle area. – T. A., 30, fe­male

I call him Choco­late be­cause my girl­friend is al­ways go­ing on about how he’s sweet. – T.F., 25, male.

My boyfriend named mine Pringle. I guess once I pop, the fun doesn’t stop. And his is called Peng, short for Pen­ge­leng – he named it. So, Pringles and Peng are al­ways hav­ing a great time to­gether. – S.F., 28, fe­male.

I call him Dam­ager or Big Black Ba­nana Boat. – K.M., 27, male.

There are many pet names for her, de­pend­ing on the mood. So there’s shun shun, shunny, poky­chobes, but her proper pet name is Pud­ding, be­cause it is so easy to have a dis­cus­sions about her in pub­lic with­out any­one know­ing, or with­out it sound­ing of­fen­sive. So, I would say things like, “Pud­ding nice, don’t it? Tasty too.” Or “Do you want some pud­ding? You’re not feel­ing for any pud­ding?” Or, “I have some pud­ding to give you,” and my part­ner would know ex­actly what I’d be talk­ing about, but no one else. – K.B., 33, fe­male

I named my boyfriend’s pet from his mid­dle name: Joseph. And it’s most fit­ting since Joseph means May Je­ho­vah add or in­crease, and boy, did he! – S.T., 26, fe­male.

Well, my wife’s name for it is Johnny. I don’t think there was any spe­cific rea­son, she just called him Johnny, and that was it. – L.M., 34, male

I call it cookie be­cause I like when he makes it crum­ble *wink wink* – J.L., 29, fe­male

Bruiser is his name be­cause when it touches her, it only bruises. – R.C., 31, male

Her name is Bri­anna be­cause the name means God’s great­est gift, and that’s the great­est gift God has ever given to me. – A.A., 29, fe­male

He has had sev­eral names over the years. One time, his name was Tigga, (from Win­nie the Pooh) be­cause the girls were al­ways bounc­ing on it. Then I started call­ing him Crazy Glue be­cause when a girl would meet it, she be­comes stuck. But, in re­cent times, I’ve been call­ing him the Un­der­taker, be­cause when­ever a girl goes aboard that ship, she meets her maker. – D.R., 30, male.

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