‘We are who we are be­cause of oth­ers’


IT WAS in­deed a very hum­bling ex­pe­ri­ence ac­cept­ing the charge and re­spon­si­bil­ity of pas­tor of this noble in­sti­tu­tion called St Joseph Catholic Church, which is, this year, cel­e­brat­ing 150 years of Chris­tian wit­ness in Span­ish Town. St Joseph has been my home parish since child­hood. This is where I was formed and nur­tured for Chris­tian min­istry.

Like Ones­imus in the New Tes­ta­ment let­ter of Phile­mon, I was sent back home to jour­ney with, and lead, the peo­ple in wor­ship; the very peo­ple who con­trib­uted to my for­ma­tion as a young­ster.

It has been a long jour­ney to­wards this year of joy­ful cel­e­bra­tions; 150 years of Chris­tian wit­ness is in­deed a tremen­dous achieve­ment. Like the Is­raelites head­ing to the Promised Land, many didn’t live to see their dream come to fruition. The same can be said of us as a church. Our fore­fa­thers laid the foun­da­tion and en­vi­sioned our present re­al­ity. They fought the good fight and we re­mem­ber and salute them to­day for their zeal for the King­dom of God.

We look to our history – the history of God’s peo­ple, the Chris­tian church, our con­gre­ga­tion, the com­mu­nity of Span­ish Town and its en­vi­rons – be­ing ever cog­nizant of what we have been charged to ac­com­plish. We also look to­wards the future, re­mem­ber­ing our call and wit­ness as chil­dren of God.

May God con­tinue to be our guide and strength as we jour­ney on­wards. May we cel­e­brate well this mile­stone and al­low our Catholic faith and zeal to con­tin­u­ally pro­pel us for­ward.

Peace and love al­ways.

REV FR RICHARD BROWN Pas­tor St Joseph Catholic Church, Span­ish Town Sa­cred Heart Catholic Church, Old Har­bour Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church, Cen­tral Vil­lage

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