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Poor Sukie she kyaa wake up An is not like seh shi ded. But from elec­tion result come out Shi cuss an gaan to bed! Mi fren dress up in blue all day In sup­port of Hil­lary. Mercy me! Shi cap­size Wen DI MAN get vic­tory! Wi bax har back to con­scious­ness. Is den mi fren get bad! Shi halla till shi tek off weight. Wi tink shi was gwine mad. Hear har likkle dawta ‘Hush now noh Mummy.’ ‘Some­times di head dat wear di crown Turn out quite un­happy.’ Sukie scream out pon di pick­ney. Mi mout spread out in shak. Shi seh – ‘Yu pupa dedeh!’ ‘Red-Cap gwine sen im back!’ Mi neva know wat else fi do Di way Sukie staat gwaan. Shi all get more hys­ter­i­cal Bout di plan fi bil-up wall! Mi could’n badda any­more Since mi know dat God naa sleep. Di Bald Eagle it gwine haffi soar An all di worl’ ah watch fi see it!

– Erica Brown Mar­riott

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