New wines and old skins

Jamaica Gleaner - - NEWS - Steve Lys­ton is a bib­li­cal economics con­sul­tant and au­thor of sev­eral books, in­clud­ing 'End Time Finance' and 'The New Mil­lion­aire'.

WHEN THE Lord is go­ing to bring change to a na­tion or a change of di­rec­tion in any ca­pac­ity, He pours out new oil, new wine, new grain and gives fresh bread (Joel 2: 19).

There are many things hap­pen­ing glob­ally that are go­ing contrary to what would bring true pros­per­ity and peace. But there are ob­sta­cles and hin­drances, but be­cause God can­not pour ‘new wine’ on in­fra­struc­ture and build­ings, He pours out in hu­man ves­sels.

When we are talk­ing about ‘new wine’, it is not the lit­eral wine – it is not phys­i­cal. We are in fact re­fer­ring to a re­leas­ing from His Spirit into hu­man ves­sels to re­new minds, thoughts, ide­olo­gies and opin­ions. A per­son can­not re­ceive new wine un­less there is a re­newal of the mind (Ro­mans 12). Your mind can­not/should not be in a box; you must pos­sess the ca­pac­ity to see be­yond nat­u­ral laws and prin­ci­ples of physics and em­brace the fact that any­thing is pos­si­ble, espe­cially with God.

Why do you be­lieve that there was such a shock wave when Don­ald Trump won the US pres­i­dency? It was proph­e­sied. If a per­son’s mind is not re­newed and they were fo­cus­ing solely on the sci­en­tific polls and hu­man logic, or they are de­pend­ing on money alone to give them vic­tory, then they are gear­ing them­selves up for some shock and awe. In­ter­est­ingly, more is com­ing.

If you are an old wine­skin – which has noth­ing to do with age, but with a mind­set – then you are not go­ing to be able to re­ceive any change. You will op­pose and un­der­mine ev­ery new move or change com­ing that has the po­ten­tial to ben­e­fit you. That is why in some or­gan­i­sa­tions which are di­vest­ing or merg­ing, man­agers must make many re­dun­dant in or­der to make the change nec­es­sary for growth. Of­ten­times, the staff com­ple­ment is un­will­ing or un­able to change their way of think­ing or op­er­a­tion, and so they must go.

Many times, political par­ties change, but if you change colours with the same mind­set, you will get the same re­sults. Why do you be­lieve that we can’t yet break the back of crime or get rid of ISIS? The old mind­set will not do it.

Do you re­alise that each time we pray for change, God al­ways raises up some­one that will bring the change? Note well that the per­son that God raises up does not have to look like you, talk like you or write like you.


The par­ents of John the Bap­tist – El­iz­a­beth, and Zachariah the High Priest – ex­pe­ri­enced many years of bar­ren­ness. When God was about to ex­pe­ri­ence the man­i­fes­ta­tion of their many prayers, God had to mute and deafen the fa­ther and high priest so that they would not even have the op­por­tu­nity to abort what God was do­ing. God was birthing some­thing that had no re­sem­blance or even had the name of the fa­ther. It was cus­tom­ary for the sons to be named af­ter their fathers, but this un­com­mon child was not named af­ter his fa­ther, nor did he serve as a high priest as his fa­ther did – he was dif­fer­ent.

The ‘old wine­skins’ would be equiv­a­lent to the ‘Pharisees.’ Recog­nise that the Pharisees could not and would not ac­cept the new wine which was Je­sus Christ. They were more fo­cused on en­sur­ing that the rit­u­als and tra­di­tions and cul­ture re­mained in­tact, even at the ex­pense of the peo­ple.

Old wine­skins can­not deal with the truth. Why do you be­lieve so many young peo­ple are re­luc­tant to come to church? Why do we be­lieve that so­lu­tions are not forth­com­ing? Why are so many com­pa­nies be­ing di­vested when they could stand on their own with a new set of ideas and way of think­ing? Why do we keep bor­row­ing from in­ter­na­tional lenders in or­der to fol­low other blue­prints that don’t work for us, when we could de­velop our own blue­prints for the na­tion? We as a na­tion have ev­ery­thing be­fore our eyes to move from poverty to pros­per­ity. No­body wants to sac­ri­fice, and the na­tion has gen­er­ally be­come lazy.

New wine brings new at­ti­tude, new hope, new faith, new grace, new so­lu­tions and new ways to op­er­ate. When God calls some­thing new, the old be­comes ob­so­lete. This is why many can­not com­pre­hend for­give­ness and the value of re­pen­tance.

No mar­ket­ing com­pany would want to re­brand with the same pack­ag­ing, espe­cially if the prod­uct is new and im­proved. This is why we need to look to and em­brace the youth of our na­tion. If you put the new in the frame­work of the old, then it will be dis­as­ter.


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