The Con­queror of Pain City

Jamaica Gleaner - - ARTS & EDUCATION - - Lisa Gaye Tay­lor

There goes the man Who of­ten stum­bles in the road Bruis­ing his el­bows and hands Break­ing his thumb There goes the man In a con­stant state of pain

With burns on his face And chest He says “don’t you dare pity me” Though I stum­ble and fall I may be fee­ble But I’ll never crum­ble Like the Ber­lin Wall So close to los­ing his foot Be­cause of his Di­a­betes And a throng of ill­nesses In­clu­sive of Gout and Arthri­tis

Feet now scaly And legs now peel­ing For this man, I have a lot of feel­ing I call him Daddy But him I’ll never pity Be­cause my Dad is like Du­ra­cell Bat­ter­ies Though he lives in Pain City Al­ways suf­fer­ing from An­other ill­ness With scars and weals But this man’s per­sis­tence never wanes His brav­ery never fails I call him Daddy But he is the man Who lives in Pain City –

But never wails He re­as­sures me that he is al­right Though he’s liv­ing in Hell He smiles toothily Even when he’s not well So close to Death So many times But this man re­as­sures me That he won’t die yet

He’ll fight just for me He’ll live one more day Con­quer­ing Pain City He’s more than a hero Fight­ing for his daugh­ter He is my Sur­vivor He is the man I call Fa­ther He is the man I call Daddy Fight­ing ev­ery Gla­di­a­tor in Rome And win­ning; though weak and frail Strong; though ail­ing For him I’ll never feel pity

‘Cause he’s fight­ing ev­ery day for me The one in­hab­i­tant of a body That would deny bolder men Vic­tory He is my Gla­di­a­tor The Con­queror that lives in a Body That is noth­ing less Than Pain City

For all of this With the love of Your three chil­dren I thank you, Daddy.

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