Make Amer­ica Great Again

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The out­come stunned many It was not ex­pected The poll­sters did not pre­dict it But for those who be­lieved that Amer­ica could be great again And drain the swamp of the Washington political elite It be­came their re­al­ity

On the dawn of Novem­ber nine, 2016 The un­think­able happened A busi­ness mogul Lack­ing in pres­tige A real es­tate guru A ruth­less bil­lion­aire

Who plans to build a wall along the south­ern bor­ders Get tough with china And put up bar­ri­ers to free trade A man who ap­pears to be bullish Grop­pish Snob­bish

Ap­pears to be some­what racist Cer­tainly not the ide­o­log­i­cal creature Be­came Pres­i­dent elect Be­cause he res­onated with the peo­ple He promised safety and jobs would be re­stored

And away with the Obama legacy The Clin­ton era Hil­lary lies Her so-called be­trayal Can he live up to this legacy?

Like it or not Trump “trumped” it Turned blue states to red Can he re­ally make Amer­ica Great Again?

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