Make Amer­ica white again!

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AS ONE faith­ful reader from the Gar­den Parish keeps re­mind­ing me, it’s been a while since our last domino quiz. So, play­ing Gene Autry’s rules (Dou­ble-six pose first game; holder of dou­ble-six poses af­ter­wards), part­ner poses dou­ble-six in the first game. LHO con­trib­utes six-deuce. You hold: six-five; six-four; five-blank; dou­ble-four; fourtrey; four-deuce; trey-deuce. What’s your play? Why? An­swer next week.

Don­ald Trump is well on his way to de­liv­er­ing on cam­paign prom­ises to make Amer­ica White Again. Don’t bother send­ing tire­some emails telling me I’m wrong. I lis­tened. I heard him. So did 58 per cent of white vot­ers who sup­ported Trump as op­posed to 37 per cent vot­ing for Hil­lary.

Nitty-gritty sta­tis­tics make it clearer. A ma­jor­ity of women voted for Hil­lary (54:42). But, this ma­jor­ity came en­tirely from votes of BLACK (94 per cent for Hi­lary) and LATINO women (68 per cent Hil­lary). White women voted for Trump (53 per cent). White women with­out a col­lege de­gree voted for Trump by 2:1.


Women didn’t cost Hil­lary the elec­tion; WHITE WOMEN did. Men also sup­ported Trump (53 per cent to 41 per cent), the widest vote pref­er­ence since 1972. Rom­ney won this de­mo­graphic by seven per cent in 2012. Obama beat McCain by one per cent in 2008. An­other record vot­ing gap re­sulted from non-col­lege grad­u­ates (men-women com­bined) who voted for Trump 52 per cent to 44 per cent. Obama (2012) won this de­mo­graphic by four per cent.

WHITE WOMEN pushed Trump over the line. He al­ways had the an­gry white man, but de­spite me­dia’s em­bar­rass­ing anx­i­ety to turn idle locker-room ban­ter into sex­ual as­sault ad­vo­cacy, white women just weren’t buy­ing it.

Mikki Ken­dall, a fem­i­nist cul­tural critic, was quoted by The Guardian as say­ing many white women are ei­ther “overtly racist” or “don’t think racism is a big deal”. “For them, it’s not real,” Ken­dall ex­plained. “They don’t have to worry about it, so you must be ex­ag­ger­at­ing.”

Notwith­stand­ing Rachel Mad­dow’s of­t­ex­pressed fury, women vot­ers didn’t give a hoot about Pussy­gate. Fe­male, white Trump vot­ers ig­nored it for dif­fer­ent rea­sons. Lau­rie Jones, 45, a Man­hat­tan nu­tri­tion­ist, also quoted by The Guardian, called Trump “an im­per­fect per­son, like all of us”. She went on: “I be­lieve he does like women. He cares for his daugh­ters and wife and fe­male em­ploy­ees. He does re­spect women.” Other women said they didn’t care if he was sex­ist. Lizzie Whit­mire, 35, a Catholic mother of two from Dal­las: “I’m not wor­ried that Trump’s misog­y­nis­tic lan­guage and sex­ist be­hav­iour will have any in­ter­fer­ence with the rea­sons I want him in of­fice. These are no more than ac­tual ac­tions of past pres­i­dents who were ex­actly the same way, just never recorded un­der a hot mic.”

Exit poll in­ter­views sug­gested white women voted for Trump’s al­leged busi­ness acu­men over Hil­lary’s gen­der. I’ve re­peat­edly pos­tu­lated that, gen­er­ally, per­sons who come from ‘noth­ing’ and suc­ceed don’t want to help oth­ers do the same.

Aimee Ri­ley, 34-year-old or­thopaedic sur­geon from Rich­mond, Vir­ginia, feared raised taxes: “I’ve worked so hard to get out of poverty. I was raised to earn my own success, and feel strongly that I de­serve ev­ery dol­lar I’ll now earn as a sur­geon.”

Ri­ley con­tin­ued: “In my ev­ery­day hos­pi­tal work, I see many peo­ple who think they de­serve a hand­out and aren’t will­ing to do the work they’re ca­pa­ble of. Trump is busi­ness­minded and not hand­out-minded ... . ”


Face it. Trump’s man­dates from white Amer­ica only (Hil­lary’s pop­u­lar vote ma­jor­ity now al­most a mil­lion) are to ‘de-ne­grify’ the White House and un­blacken USA. Those long lines of red­neck vot­ers, de­liv­er­ing the man­dates while clutch­ing AK-47s in one hand and pet goats in the other, are de­scen­dants of Wil­liam Brad­ford’s Mayflower Pil­grims who came, saw funny-looking na­tives run­ning around, con­quered them, and stole their land, thus cre­at­ing a great White Whale called USA.

At first, Amer­i­cans gladly gave other world refugees (in­clud­ing a Ger­man fam­ily named Trumpf) op­por­tu­ni­ties to share the bounty but, as mod­ern tech­nol­ogy negated the in­flu­ence of the back­yard still, they dis­cov­ered they’d al­lowed too many in and, while they were asleep at the wheel, a BLACK pres­i­dent (shud­der) was elected. The ‘Make Amer­ica White Again’ Move­ment was born and grew ex­po­nen­tially 2008-2016 un­til, des­per­ate to grasp what looked like a last chance, it fully ex­ited the closet to the KKK’s pub­lic en­dorse­ment.

Trump’s con­ces­sion to political cor­rect­ness was to amend the mantra to ‘Make Amer­ica Great Again’, but he re­ally meant: “Make a(ME)rica great again”. White Amer­ica glee­fully granted both wishes. Ready? Set? Un­cle Tony and Aunty Puncy, who em­i­grated to Mi­ami years ago but re­mains ‘il­le­gal’, should be home for Christ­mas.

Peace and love.

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