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Dem seh road safety be­gin wid YUH “YUH” nuh on­gle mean driva, pedal cy­clist, ryda but pedes­trian too Pedes­trian fi stap! Look! an lis­ten! which is di golden rule Wen crossin di road yuh can’t be nuh fool

Pedes­trian fi stap chat pon dem fone An stap lis­ten to mu­sic thru dem ear­fone Dem tings deh cause dis­trac­tion Fi cross di road pedes­trian fi pay keen at­ten­tion Dri­vas fi stap di un­nec­es­sary speedin An di reck­less over­takin Stap tex­tin while drivin Stap di drinkin of al­co­hol an drivin

Use di road­way safely Look out fi di pick­ney dem an di el­derly Ob­serve di stop lights an stop signs Obey di speed limit an road signs

Mi tiad a di ‘car’nage Mi tiad a di wreck­age Fam­i­lies an com­mu­ni­ties are be­ing de­stroyed Both in Ja­maica an abroad

Ry­das an bikas wear yuh hel­met to pro­tect yuh head Use yuh head, nuh end up dead Use di safety de­vices Such as di seat belt which cause less fa­tal­i­ties

Road safety is a mus Wedda yuh walk, drive or teck bus Stap di in­dis­ci­pline pon di road An memba di propa han sig­nal an di road code

Bi pa­tient, haste meck waste Stop­pin di in­dis­ci­pline on di road can save yuh life. Can save a fadda, a modda, A fam­bily mem­ber, a hus­band or a wife

Meck road safety a way of life!

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