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ONE DAY I was try­ing to just re­lax, take a lit­tle time to clear my in­creas­ingly clut­tered mind. So, of course, some­one promptly came up to me and started a con­ver­sa­tion (groan). To make it worse, this was the same per­son who months ago had told me in a rather bel­liger­ent man­ner that Bat­man is a Marvel Comics cre­ation. For the record, he isn’t and never has been. So my ex­pec­ta­tions about what would come of this con­ver­sa­tion were ad­mit­tedly and un­der­stand­ably not very high (big groan).

But, like life has a habit of do­ing, I was sur­prised. He asked me to whom I would give more ‘rat­ings’, some­one who could sing or some­one who could build a mas­sive struc­ture like a plane or a bridge. I must ad­mit I’d never re­ally thought about it. I mean both en­deav­ours are quite en­vi­able, es­pe­cially since I was never good with LEGO sets and I can’t sing even likkle bit. With­out wait­ing for me to ask which, he gave the edge, he told me he sided with the builder.

Af­ter tak­ing my time to de­cide, which was a lit­tle too long for him be­cause he asked if I couldn’t speak (ma­jor groan), I said the singer. My be­lief is that you have to have the voice to sing. At the very least, you should be able to carry a note. I feel you ei­ther have the voice or you don’t. A bridge builder has to be taught to build bridges. Sure, he can love to put things to­gether but such lev­els of con­struc­tion re­quire se­ri­ous learn­ing.

Now, I know that car­ry­ing a note is not all there is to singing. And I know that you can have a great voice but don’t know how to use it. So you would need to be coached as well. But for me, the singing thing has more to do with a cer­tain in­tan­gi­ble you just can’t teach. But hey, this isn’t one of those po­si­tions I would say I’ll never stray from. To each his own, as far as which side of the coin you pre­fer.

Funny thing is, I’ve won­dered since then what side I’m ac­tu­ally on. Some peo­ple say I’m more of the cre­ative type be­cause I ‘can write’. A former co-worker who I, and many other peo­ple, con­sider a tech/com­puter whiz, once told me that my job was harder than his. But guess what? I think it’s the other way around. I think it’s tougher to learn all that com­puter stuff than to sit and ex­press your thoughts on pa­per (well, a com­puter screen). But he felt that any­one can be taught about the tech world; writ­ing was more of an art.

There are times I think he’s right. And there are times I re­mem­ber I couldn’t un­der­stand math­e­mat­ics. So I won’t hold my breath that I could han­dle com­puter pro­gram­ming. Of course, some­one will tell me those two (maths and com­put­ers) are to­tally dif­fer­ent. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a dude who can’t sing or build bridges. And that’s fine with me.

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