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TO­DAY IS be­ing ob­served as World Sight Day, the most im­por­tant ad­vo­cacy and com­mu­ni­ca­tions event on the eye health calendar. Eighty per cent of the world’s blind­ness is avoid­able, and so it is against this back­ground that Courts Op­ti­cal wants you to know eight things your eyes re­veal about your health.

1. Blurred vi­sion could be a sign of un­con­trolled di­a­betes.

2. Sud­den blurry vi­sion may re­sult from prob­lem with blood flow to your eye or brain and warn you of an on­com­ing stroke or mi­graine headache. Get im­me­di­ate med­i­cal at­ten­tion even if your vi­sion gets bet­ter quickly.

3. Bulging eyes serve as a ma­jor symp­tom of Graves’ dis­ease, which causes your thy­roid gland to re­lease too many hor­mones.

4. Ring around your cornea, aka Corneal Ar­cus, causes a grey-white line of fat de­posits to grow on the out­side edge of your cornea and could be a sign of dan­ger­ously high choles­terol.

5. Droop­ing eye­lids can be a symp­tom of myas­the­nia gravis, where your im­mune sys­tem at­tacks and weak­ens your mus­cles. This af­fects your eye, face and throat mus­cles, caus­ing dif­fi­culty to chew, swal­low or speak.

6. Yel­low eye­balls – Yel­low­ing of the skin and eyes is called jaun­dice and oc­curs when the liver is in­flamed or dam­aged.

7. Eye twitches are usu­ally harm­less and go away on their own. They are as­so­ci­ated with al­co­hol, fa­tigue, caffeine or smok­ing.

8. Blood­shot eyes usu­ally oc­cur when small del­i­cate blood ves­sels di­late in re­sponse to ir­ri­ta­tion or in­fec­tion. These ves­sels can also leak and cause a haem­or­rhage.

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