Jamaica Gleaner : 2020-05-28

OFC : 54 : D6


| www.jamaica-gleaner.com | D6 THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020 Robert REFLECTION­S BY ... McMillan R OBERT MCMILLAN of McMillan Advertisin­g says he loved Oliver Clarke and they shared a passion. I considered it a great privilege to be a friend of Oliver Clarke. He was a man of great intellect, great influence, and surprising­ly to many, a man who had a tremendous sense of humour which was dry but notwithsta­nding always insightful. He did not suffer fools gladly and he was absolutely fearless in his assessment of people no matter what their rank. We shared a great common interest in gardening, which most people found surprising. They would see us huddled in a corner at some function, heads together chatting, and curiosity would overcome them and they would come and ask what we were plotting, and I said you would not believe it but we were talking about plants that he was very passionate­ly interested in, and we shared a great interest in rare trees, and we had a sort of a rivalry to see who could get hold of the most exotic. He had a tree called a tree tomato, which grew as a tree but bore tomatoes. He had Venus fly traps which would actively catch insects and consume them. He was in England once and I loved the man. I loved him for his smile. I loved him for his intellectu­al capacity. I loved him for his fearlessne­ss. I shall miss him. I begged him to get an African tree which I wanted, called a Marula, and he obliged me with not one but two because, he told me, y ou had to have a male and female. A drian Robinson rnold Foote The work he did to build the advertisin­g and media industries in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean is worthy of the greatest praise. I shall miss my friend. May he be long remembered and rightfully revered. THE WORDS are hard to come right now as there is so much emotion on hearing of the death of my friend, the patriot. He was a great man who did a lot for Jamaica and the Jamaican people.

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