Jamaica Gleaner : 2020-06-11

LEISURE : 16 : B4


| www.jamaica-gleaner.com | LEISURE B4 THE GLEANER, THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 ® ® BY DEAN YOUNG AND JOHN MARSHALL BY TERRY BEATTY ® ® BY MORT WALKER BY KELLY AND PARKER Crossword 29,321 puzzles.telegraph.co.uk Across Down 1 Bed lad made up in bag for Sport needing m pig (10) nothing (4) Eloquent speake It’s quiet in typical museum (4) with malice (9) Bill embraced by leader of Silent actor exci China in region of that country (5) Throwing poor a Bed lad made up in bag fo1r1 Gettin1gSh­polrdt noef etodping money gettfionrg­mer county tow pig (10) mathemnaot­tichiianng (94) Old police serge Eloquent sorceress speaker with no turningirn­edchurch work – r It’s quiet in typical museum12(S4m) ooth Bill embraced by leader of time forwqiuthi­cmk sanliaccek(?9()8) here? (3,4) Silent actor engaging excited chaps Dolly (5) Female with spit China in region of that count1ry3 (M5)ap-makers Throwing poor actor out of male off (5) producing signs (5) Bed lad made up in bag for Getting Sport hold needing of top money gettfionrg­mer county town (7) Law officer right pig (10) mathemnaot­tichiianng (94) Fellow5 Oatldthpeo­elicnetrsa­enrcgeeabn­ot uintvolvae­mdong ‘wise men’, Eloquent sorceress speakertto­urpnrionvg­idirnecdlh­abuerclhww­ithorIkD–(4r,e3t)ired with no fro9mWhat one likes, It’s quiet in typical museum (4) Smooth with quick malice snack? (9) (8) Baseball here? player (3,4) in jug (7) one would be very Bill embraced by leader of time for Silent actor2e6xc­ite1d9DNoe­llyso7(n5F)memayable engaging chaps wmitahkisn­pgitsehpou­rtting(3,2,3) China in region of that country (5) Map-makers Throwing poor acstopreeo­cuht oafter male end off (5) of skirmish (7) Cutlery may be Getting hold of top producing signs (5) former county town2(17O) ne without Law officer false right ideas to be inclundeeg­dotiable (2,3,5) mathematic­ian Fellow at the entrance about lad made up i5nObladgp­folrice serg1eSapn­otritnnveo­elvdaeimnd­gonmgo‘wneisyegme­ettnin’, gsay (10) Big female bird to provide in church label with work ID –norethtiir­negd(f4ro) (4,3a)bout top people (7) Smooth sorceress pig (10) with no one likes, but anothbeurr­ied (8) Baseball player in jug2(7E)loquent Travel sopneawkeo­rutludrbne­invgerreyd­different1!8 wearing metal cross (5) House I head – time for quick sn6aIct’ks?q(u8i)et in typicalhme­rues?e(u3m,4)(4) Map-makers Nelso7nFme­mayable wmitahkisn­pwgitisteh­2po4murtAa­tlnincimge((3a9,l2)a,3n)d I getting round in upsetting commo einmgbcrha­acpeds by leader of speech maftaeler eonffd(5o)f skirmish Silveenhti­calcetof1o­4rreChxuoc­tiltildera­dyDm(o8al)ly (7) b(5e)so Penny’s face m producing signsC(5h)ina in region of that country (5) Law officer false right ideas Th2r7owRei­nsgtapuora­onrtamctao­krionugtmo­of to be included negotiable (2,3,5) ney by old boy introduces Fellow at the entrance about One without of toapmong ‘wise menfo’,rsmayer(1c0o)un16tyBtio­gwfenm(7a)le lake (9) bird with a he2a1dMost naughty o to provide labelmwait­th eIDm(a4t,3ic)ian about (9) top people (7) What one like5s, Obuldt paonloicte­hbesurerri­egdea(n8t) involved street (7) Travel wearing metal cros2s8(5C)ompetent maiden making playe12r iSnmjuogo(t7h)sorceresos­nweitwhonu­old be veinrycdhi­uffrecrhen­wt1o!8rkH–ouresteirI­ehdefarodm– I love Van may have Animal and I getting here? roucnodmin­eback (3,4) as songstress (5) Nelson maybtei meafkoinrg­qushicokrt­snack(3?,2(8,3)) upsetting common folk (3,6p)rotection behind vehicle f1o4rChuot­lildear ym(8a)y b7eFesomal­e Aims wi2th0 to sPpeinteny­p’ustftaince­g finish before maybe start of whe2n5 speech after end13oMf sakpir-miaskhe(r7s)engaging chaps Pet avoiding riv Restaurant making (2,3,5m) money alseuopffp­e(5r)(o4l)d by boy introduces poetry (7v)alley (5) One without pfarlosdeu­idcienagss­igns (5)negotiable lake (9) Big female bi8rdLwa3w­it0hoBaffi­ehcine2gra­1draiMgfrh­aotisdtoan­baeouugint­hctlyhudeo­encdoevine­rrun2o6nGr­oup’s joke en about top peopl1e5(F7e)llow at the entrance about Combpuerti­endt(m8)aiden making amobnirgd‘whiassesbt­mreeent’,g(s7iav)yen(10(1)0) any number (4) Travel wearintgom­perotavlid­creolsasb(e5l)wit1h8IDHo(4u,3se) I head9–WI lhoavteone­2l3ikVesa,nbmutaaynh­oatvherthi­s Animal and I1g7eBttai­nsegbraolu­l pnldayiner n01g2s1t. rCealslssc­o(s5t inupjusget(t7i)ng commoonnef­woloku(l3d,6bp)erovtercyt­idoinffebr­ehnitn!d (5) (3,2,3D) vehicle fo2r N(8e)lson Aims to finish before start of maybe m2a0kiPneg­nsnhyo’srtface maybe whe2n5 Pet avoiding river in Greek Restaurant msapkeienc­ghmaoftnee­ryebnyd supper ofoslkdirb­moyishin(t7ro) (4) duc1e4sCpu­oteletry (m7)ay valley be (5) so abfaragid naughtynoe­gnoetinabr­ulen(2o6,n3G,5r)oYuepst’serjdoakye’sentertain­inSgolutio­n the cover lake (9) One without fals2e1idM­eoast bird hassbtreee­ent g(7iv)en (10) Big femaalenyb­inrduQmwui­bitcehkrCa(r4ho)essawdord Competent mabaoiduet­ntompapkei­nogple (7) y h(a4v)beu trhieisd (8)7 comeback as so2n2gsTtr­raevsesl (w5e) aring metal cross (5) HowusiethI hmeadal–iAcIcleoro­vs(es9: (5) Aims to finish24be­Afnoirme asltarntdo­If get2ti5ngP­erot uanvodidin­ing uripvseert­itninGgrec­oemk momn (5) supper (4) vehicle for holiday (v8a)lley (5) Pe4nnTyh’s minagybpe By way of (3)30 Bei1n1g mGroYnueep­syt’sebrjdoyak­ye’soelndtbef­rotoyarinm­itnrSogeod­lrutcioeon­suNpone2t9­tyr,3y2t(0o7)wn Transition to bird hams baetehnegi­mlvaekanet(1i90c))ian any nuQmubicek­rC(r4o)s2sw1 d8ulthoo d (11) Competent maiden maAkcirnog­ss: streeitn(7c) Related to heat (7)time German philosophe­r 1 Crossword 29,321 2 puzzles.telegraph.co.uk 6 10 3 4 Across Down 1 5 Crossword 29,321 2 puzzles.telegraph.c1o5.uk 6 10 ® ® BY ROGER MAHONEY, LAWRENCE GOLDSMITH AND SEAN GARNETT BY BUD BLAKE 3 4 7 Across Down 11 8 1 1 15 £) 1/minute, plus network access charge. Services open Mon-Fri. Spoke, 43 Whitfield GREATAPES A R O E C SCOOP CHA H S S A B SOUNDB V R I A OVERLAP R U V RED GREATAPES ADICEHUEER­IO S A R O E C T N H N L E M S C O O Ps C H A S T I SSEMDA L LFOR T H S S A B I T A E A T O SOUNDBARRI­ER FOOTPRI T V R I A E GE SR S O E OVE R L A P R A D I ASNTTY L E NEM U V R E T U G1R9 E A T A P E S A D 20C I E H E E R I O S U S P E N D A R O E C T N H N L E M U S S C O O P C H A S T I SSEMDA L L F O R T U N E H S S A B I TA ET A T O S W B S O U N D B22A R I F E OOTPRINT R PLACE V R I A E, GE SR S O E O R D O V E R L A P R A D I ASNTTY L E N E M A T O D E S U V 25 RED T U 20 H E E R IO SU S P E Hn L E MGREUATSAP­YES ADIEU S M A L L FORATURNEO E C T N N A T A T SCOOP O S W CHASTISED F O O T P R I NHT SPLSACAEB I T E E R S O E OSORUNDDBA­RRIER STYLE NEVMARTOID­ESA E G S OVERLAP RADIANT U V RED T U CHEERIO SUSPEND H L E M U S Y SMALLFORTU­NE A T A T O S W F O O T P R I N T P L A C R S O E O R STYLE NEMATODES Bed la pig (10) It’s qui Bill e China in Gettin mathem Smoo time for Mapproduci Fello to provi Baseb Nelso speech One about to Trave Anim vehicle f Resta lake (9) Com comeba Aims supper ( Bein bird has Calls cost £1/minute, p (5) Metallic plate (6) New (6) OT song (5) Stories (7)YesteYreds­ateyr’sday’s 13 14 17 19 20 QuQicukicC­krCosrsows­sowrdord Solution Solution No 29,320 No 29,320 Quick Crossword REX MORGAN, MD DUSTIN BLONDIE BEETLE BAILEY ANDY CAPP 1 2 3 1 10 4 14 11 15 12 2 5 3 9 6 TIGER 1 10 4 14 11 7 19 12 2 5 8 3 9 16 13 6 4 11 7 20 5 8 17 21 9 13 6 7 18 8 puzzles.telegraph.co.uk puzzles.telegraph.co.uk nepguoztzi­laebs.lteel(e2g,r3a,5p)h.co.uk 2p1uzpzule­zsz.ltesle.tgerleagpr­ha.pcoh..ucko.uk

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