Ole ee­diat bunna man

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the whole night too. Ended up that him start make it a reg­u­lar habit and live un­der the woman win­dow. So the per­sons in the yard start see this strange man com­ing in an out a the yard at late nights and leav­ing early in the morn­ings from un­der the girl win­dow. So peo­ple start in­ves­ti­gate who is this strange man. No­body know him, Raga. All the same gyal a dis­own him.

Any­way, the men in the yard de­cide to set up for him one night cause dem think this man can be a per­vert, a tief, or rapist. When one a the man rush him with a cut­lass, him run faster than Usain Bolt. In the morn­ing, some­body find the scan­dal bag with the two shirts and a hat. So dem call the po­lice and the wicked gyal still act like she don’t know him. All she deh pon when everybody a talk is ‘ Puppa Je­sus!’

But then one of her cousins come and say, “Let me see the shirts dem and the hat, and she just buss out say is the girl man. Raga, I nearly dead! When we con­front the man him seh is she tell him to stay un­der the win­dow un­til the next man gone, and that is pure $ 20,000 him give her. Raga, there is more, but that’s all I can write for now.

Bax­side ya now!! What a bunna man fu- fool!! Dis ya bwoy ya a real kunu- push- kunu. Cho!!

Even if him weak to di girl flavour, even if har juju have him unda man­nas, dat nuh mean him fi reg­u­larly hitch up unda di win­dow a night­time. Cho man! As man, we love di woman dem nice­ness, an we will for­ever love it, but some man mek da nice­ness deh mad dem an den dem end up a do bare fool­ish­niss.

An tell me supm, wen him unda di win­dow a night- time, an di fa­rina in deh a pump up di good sawka­sawka pon di B. Dat nuh mus mean him de deh a hear ev­ery­thing??!! Nooooo sah!! Nuh bunna man nuh fi unda win­dow whole night, ev­ery nite, a lis­ten a nex man a sen on. Wen him hear dem tings deh, how it mek him feel? Mi lose offa da bunna man deh. Him shame man.

Oye deh Missa UNDA WIN­DOW BUNNA MAN!!!! A weh yuh wena do unda di win­dow??!! A weh yuh wena do unda deh??!! If a laugh, a re­lease liq­uids!!

Lis­ten mi man, Missa Bunna Man, doan do dem tings deh again. Yuh a bunna man, so yuh fi know how fi stay inna yuh lane. If yuh a bunna man, yuh haffi know how fi gangsta up di ting. Say­ing yuh a bunna man an a live unda win­dow is like say­ing yuh a goh tun sol­dier but yuh a coward. Dat jus nuh mek it!! Hear mi man! wen di straight- up man fah­wud, nuh bada enka- enka an nuh linga- linga. Goh find a nex woman, or find supm else do. Or betta yet, yuh betta jus lowe di bunna man ting cause yuh cyan manij it. Jus goh get yuh owna whola- whola woman.

An you, Ms Lady, weh tell di man him fi stay unda di win­dow, yuh cayliss too, an yuh a gwaan like yuh nuh have nuh sense. Yuh nuh know seh di more yuh keep di lo­cal in­stru­ment unda di win­dow, a di more yuh a risk los­ing yuh farin link? Yuh a ee­diat? But, of course, yuh neva waan di bunna man get bex an stop gi yuh di 20 pack dem. But hear weh mi, Ra­gashanti, di King of Mixup, a re­mind yuh seh: WANT ALL, LOSE ALL!! PENNY WISE AN POUND FOOL­ISH!! Soh right ya now, yuh need fi stop luu up di ting an staat go­van di ting. Awoh!!

Awright, mi a cut now. An mek sure unu sen mi unu mix- up dem a mi new email: con­tact@ ra­gashanti. com.

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