My man is sleep­ing with his boss

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Dear Pas­tor, I have a boyfriend and he is work­ing at a par­tic­u­lar place. He got me preg­nant, but where he is work­ing, his boss is a woman. And to keep his job, he said that he has to be sleep­ing with her. I am preg­nant again with his child. And he is to­tally gone to her. At the same time, he says that he is in love with me, but I have lost con­fi­dence in him al­though I am car­ry­ing his child. What he has done to me he will do to her also.

P. S Dear P. S, I am sorry to hear that your boyfriend has got in­volved with his fe­male boss and, as a re­sult, he has left you. He told you that he has be­come sex­u­ally in­volved with his boss so that he can con­tinue to keep his job. How sad!

He says that he still loves you. I do not know whether he is speaking the truth. If he loves you he should not have cho­sen his boss over you. And even if the boss in­sisted that she wanted him to sleep with her, he should have re­sisted her. I sug­gest that you ask him for both of you to go and talk to a fam­ily coun­sel­lor. Per­haps he is in­deed very scared that his boss may fire him if he tries to re­sist her.

Some fe­male bosses are in­deed vin­dic­tive. I want to as­sure you of my prayers. Please don’t fret. God will help you. If this man to­tally turns his back on you af­ter you have given birth, take him to the Fam­ily Court for child sup­port.


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