DJ Smurf falls vic­tim to scam­mers


Like sev­eral artistes, ra­dio disc jock DJ Smurf has also found him­self as the vic­tim of a scam.

The disc jock said the in­ci­dent came to light re­cently when a pro­moter from Man­dev­ille called him af­ter calling Irie FM to get in con­tact with him.

He said the pro­moter called to say he had been try­ing to get in con­tact with him for some time about a date he had booked.

“He ( pro­moter) said he al­ready paid the money for me to play at his event,” Smurf said.

When the pro­moter was quizzed fur­ther, Smurf said the pro­moter claimed that he got a num­ber to con­tact Smurf from a friend.

“He said he got a num­ber from a friend and some­one pre­tended to be me. He ar­ranged with the per­son to send some­one to pick up the money and another per­son pre­tend­ing to be my baby­mother col­lected the money and gave him a re­ceipt,” Smurf said.


Fur­ther al­le­ga­tions are that Smurf’s im­per­son­ator also promised that ZJ Sparks would also play at the party.

“Pro­mot­ers some­times have no clue what we ( disc jocks) look and sound like, so those per­sons took ad­van­tage. I just want to make other pro­mot­ers and se­lec­tors be aware of this,” Smurf said.

“You have to know who you deal­ing with. You can’t be blind to the whole thing. Plus, most of us have book­ing agents, so go through the agents or meet the jocks in per­son to avoid things like this.” Gen­er­ally, he said, the book­ing agents also sign con­tracts with the pro­mot­ers, so should the con­tract be breached “there’s some­one you can take le­gal ac­tion against.”

In an ef­fort to pro­tect his brand and based on the amount of money that the pro­moter had al­ready lost, Smurf said he of­fered to play at the event for free, be­cause he wanted “to make the pa­trons know that it is not the pro­moter’s fault or my fault.”

How­ever, the event did not go ahead as planned on Novem­ber 2, be­cause of rain. He con­tin­ued, “Mi feel a way bout the whole thing. But I have to pro­tect my brand that I have worked so hard on over the years.” Mean­while, Smurf says he can be booked through SAC Book­ings on ( 876) 312- 4333.

DJ Smurf

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