Man feeds ven­omous spi­der on Sugar Puffs

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Abuilder found a false widow spi­der and de­cided to name it and feed it Sugar Puffs.

De­spite be­ing the United King­dom’s most ven­omous spi­der, it didn’t frighten Chris Kelly, who dis­cov­ered it while ren­o­vat­ing a house with two of his col­leagues and opted to call it Boris.

He told the Pen­dle To­day: “I was rewiring be­tween the floor­boards and as I’m feed­ing these wires through, I turned around and it was there on the wall.

“I thought, ‘ Bloody

hell, that’s big.’ My two work col­leagues didn’t be­lieve me at first. But we’ve had a look at pic­tures of this spi­der and I’m ab­so­lutely con­vinced it’s one.”

Rather than kill it or let it crawl away, Chris has been keep­ing Boris in his lunch­box.

He added: “I said, ‘ Right, you’re go­ing in there,’ and I got it in my butty box. I’ve put some holes in it for air, but just to make sure it doesn’t es­cape, I’ve taped the lid down.

“To be hon­est, I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t know what it feeds on. There’s a few scraps of sugar puffs in there and if they drink milk, he’ll be al­right.”

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