Boyfriend dumped me af­ter 10-sec­ond sex

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Dear Pas­tor, I am a 19-year-old who is very wor­ried. My boyfriend and I had un­pro­tected sex on one of my fer­tile days; how­ever, it only lasted a few sec­onds (about 10 sec­onds), then I told him to stop be­cause I didn’t want to get preg­nant. Six days af­ter I saw blood stains and had cramps. I was very alarmed and started wor­ry­ing. I took a pill. Well, he dumped me af­ter I told him what I saw. He is now gone, and I am here all alone and wor­ried about get­ting preg­nant. Ev­ery­one looks up to me be­cause t hey say I am a bril­liant and well-be­haved young lady. What should I do? Please help. I feel like com­mit­ting sui­cide.

S.R. Dear S.R., If you have not gone to see a gy­nae­col­o­gist, I sug­gest that you do so right away. You made a mis­take when you agreed to have un­pro­tected sex, but in the midst of your in­dis­cre­tion, you told the man to stop. He did, but was prob­a­bly was very up­set. There­fore, when you called him and told him what you have seen, he ig­nored you. And a thou­sand dif­fer­ent thoughts might have crossed his mind.

A man can never feel what a woman is go­ing through. He might try to em­pathise if he cares about the woman or he may just curse her and go about his own way. You are young and in­ex­pe­ri­enced, but even much older woman make mis­takes. The world will not come to an end be­cause you had un­pro­tected sex, and it does not mat­ter how long the guy’s pe­nis was in your vagina. You could have caught a dis­ease or even be­come preg­nant. There­fore, I re­peat, you need to see a gy­nae­col­o­gist. You said that peo­ple look up to you; they don’t need to know of the un­for­tu­nate ex­pe­ri­ence that you had. If they do not know, they would not think less of you. Don’t try to re­new the friend­ship with this young man. He doesn’t love you with all his heart. If he did, he would not have aban­doned you. You have my prayers, and may God bless you. Please let me hear from you again. Pas­tor

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