I was paid $3,000 for sex as a teen

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STAR, this a long-time thing. It hap­pened from I was about 16 years old or so. Those times mi never have any money for my­self. But back then, mi did know a guy weh used to do a lit­tle busi­ness, so him did have him money. Him used to love show off, so me know me coulda get some­thing from him. Mi did have a party to go and never have no clothes to wear.

Mi link him up and tell him to meet me pon the hill­side. Mi seh STAR, that lit­tle place dark like mid­night. If some­body pass yuh, yuh can’t see a who. So, mi cock up pan a big stone fi give him a piece. But some­thing very wrong hap­pen at that very mo­ment enuh.

Right now I’m laugh­ing out loud re­mem­ber­ing it. Him en­ter the wrong door inna the dark deh! Mi seh mi nearly dead! I never feel so much pain inna mi life.

Af­ter him done now, and mi get mi $3,000 pay, mi go brag at school bout how mi have money (shak­ing my head). Now, when mi look back at it though, worse I’m a work­ing lady that have my own and work hard, it just look bad.

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