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wake I asked her big­ger sis­ter where she (Tre­shauna) was and she tell mi she gone river gone wash. Mi see a man who tie goat out by the river­side and ask him if him see mi daugh­ter, and him say no. Mi and her sis­ter go by the river go look for her, and we call till we fool, but we nuh get no an­swer. I see the clothes that she wash and her slip­pers, but not she,” said.

Henry said she ini­tially thought Tre­shauna had gone to visit a friend nearby, but she be­came alarmed when she did not re­turn home be­fore sun­set.

Still con­sumed by mourn­ing mother, grief, the be­tween sighs, said that she didn’t sleep that night. The fol­low­ing morn­ing, the An­notto Bay po­lice, along with mem­bers of the dis­trict, went in search of the 14-year-old and dis­cov­ered her un­der­wear in the bushes. Her life­less body was then found in the river a short dis­tance away.

“When ev­ery­one was in the bush look­ing for her, the same man that I had asked if he saw her the day be­fore, cried out that he saw her in the wa­ter. Ev­ery­body did a say a him, and the po­lice carry him away. Him tell the po­lice say him could swear say him tell mi say him hear mi pick­ney inna the bush a cry, but mi sure him never tell mi that. Po­lice did also hold on to three man, but them end up re­lease dem,,” she said.

The real cause of young Tre­shauna’s death is still un­known, as the pathol­o­gist could not de­ter­mine if she was killed or died from fall­ing into the river. How­ever, the au­topsy did re­veal that she was not raped.

“Mi get a vi­sion where she a call the name of some peo­ple who killed her and is the same per­son who ev­ery­one sus­pect. Af­ter the in­ci­dent hap­pen, mi take up mi fam­ily and move be­cause I re­ally re­alise I had en­e­mies around me, be­cause if some­one could kill off my in­no­cent lit­tle daugh­ter like that,” she said.

These days, the 65-year-old spends her days cher­ish­ing the mem­o­ries of the daugh­ter who she de­scribed as the per­fect child.


Ann Marie Henry’s life has been turned up­side down since the death of her daugh­ter.

Tre­shauna Henry

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